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  1. A couple years ago, I read in these forums to put one of those emergency blankets on the inside of the roof of my portable house. I looked at many different types, settling on a rather thick one that was blanketed on one side, and had the shiny stuff on the other side. I have been using this blanket for over 2 years. Today I go out fishing, fire up the heater in the house, go out to set tips and get things organized, 15 minutes later my house is on fire! Looks like a section of the emergency blanket melted, and fell on the heater, across the gas line and flame area. This piece caught on fire end melted the gas line. There was flames coming our of the end of the gas line. Net Loss: One portable fishhouse, one vexlar, one heater, one gas tank, and a lot of dignity. Net Gain: The knowledge that I will never use one of these blankets again. Let the ribbing begin.
  2. I here all you guys, but the thing to really think about is the software that the unit can use. I have 2 Garmins, and I love them both. Not because of the accuracy, although it is nice, but because the software i can get for them makes it so easy to find and create waypoints, edit tracks, create routes and download all this new information to the Unit. I have a product called Gartrip (www.gartrip.de) that I used to use, cheap, but I could scan a lake map then calibrate it then make all the holes, humps and points. It is easy to use and only around (?) $30.00. I also have Garmins mapping softrware. It is expensive, but it is accurate. I couldn't beleive that the Canada base map had the lake on it that I go to every summer and winter, and how close it is to the waypoints that I have already created. The bottom line is, look at the software too. Just my $.02 worth. PO
  3. Anyone try these in a portable? Thinking getting some. BTW: Where can A guy get some? Thanx PO
  4. Povern

    gear ready?

    I just wanna know what took you guys so long to get ready. I wa ready july 4th. LOL Povern
  5. Thanx for the advice guys, but is the Princeton Tec Aurora bright enough to see things when I cleaning up to go home? Or is it just a dull light to see the bobber in the hole? PO
  6. Anyone know of a good Head lamp? Looking for one with Both Diodes and normal bulbs. Thanx PO
  7. I have an Otter Ice House. Just wondering what some of the tricks or modifications people have done to make the experince more enjoyable. PO
  8. Hi, Somewhat new to this forum, but have been lurking for about 3 months. I'm looking at trying a spring tip bober. How are they used? Do they have to be permenatly attached to the rod? what do you look for when using them? ------------------ Povern
  9. I've been building custom Ice Rods for about 3 years now. and if you really want to get alot of good information go here: http://www.rod-building.org/list.php?f=2 This site will tell you anything you want to know, and all you have to do is remember that to these guys, an Ice Rod is just a short normal rod. PO
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