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  1. Fourplay

    2001 Rubicon 500

    I have a chance to buy a 2001 Honda Rubicon 500 for $2800. It has 10,000 miles on it. It has a brand new tire and rim package on it. Is this a good deal? Does anyone know how many miles one can expect to get out of one of these machines? Thanks for the help.
  2. Fourplay

    injection oil

    I know that the bombardier oil is definitely different stuff than the cat, polaris, yamaha oil. I don't exactly know what the difference is, but just looking at the bombardier oil you can see it's different. I wouldn't use anything in a ski doo motor other than bombardier oil.
  3. Fourplay

    Crappie Length to Weight Conversion

    I think a 16 inch crappie is usually around 2 two pounds. There are tables that say they weigh more than that, but that's what I've found. A nice fish. [This message has been edited by Fourplay (edited 01-12-2004).]
  4. Fourplay

    Ski skins?!?

    Where are you located and what kind of Ski Doo will those ski skins fit? Thanks
  5. Fourplay

    fishing is still going good

    I was just over to Devils lake. Fished 1pm to dark on the 1st and sunup to 11am on the 2nd. Caught 34 perch in 16 feet of water in the trees. Minnows and wax worms worked. Tried bio-bait, but had no bites with it. Tried to find perch in deeper water, but I didn't have any luck with that.
  6. Fourplay

    2 Vexs vs. 1 LX3 and 1Vex in same shack

    I fish a Fl-18 beside a Fl-8 all the time and the interference is usually pretty mild and only shows up from time to time. Nothing that will keep you from using your vexilar.
  7. Fourplay

    Dog Question

    Mayfly: The dog is mainly a flusher, but every now and then he'll point a bird. Dog is a great retriever also.
  8. Fourplay

    Dog Question

    My friend has a dog that's just what you describe. He's a great dog. Has the body of a shorthair and the color of a chocolate lab. Shot many birds with that dog. He was an accident at a pheasant farm so both his parents were good hunters.
  9. Fourplay


    Found about 30 last night near Bemidji.