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  1. Yeah Meat, I caught that fish in late June, and it was still beat to all hell.
  2. 49" on a Black Perch Depth Raider on one of the most perfect nights I've ever had on a lake. I was all by myself and had to flag down a guy about 50 yards from me to take this pic. He did a great job. I wish I would've got his E-mail to send him the pic.
  3. West Battle is your only choice. I fish it all the time. It tries mens souls. Not an easy lake to fish for Skis. But, they're big, healthy fish. I got a 44" last opener. But, it's tough. It's different from most lakes I've fished, so that makes it fun. I wish Ottertail did, because it would be a factory. Tons of feed in the lake, and just enough cover. I hope someday it will.
  4. Fish the island to the on the deep side all the way down to the bullrush island. Behind the bullrushes there is a rock pile that extends back to the shore, you'll want to cast that. Then, it's a good idea to fish that back side of the bullrushes back to the island all the way to where the channel frms on that backside. Honestly, you can cast the whole south side of that lake, but the hign bank point that extends out from the first point past the public landing all the way down to the west end of the beach where the wall ends is a good run as well. That lake is small enough where you can cast the whole thing. Get a map an look for the fishy spots and that's where the are.
  5. I don't fish for trout, but I will learn, because there's really no point to it in MN. I fish Muskie, Bass and Walleyes in that order. I was wondering if someone could give me some waters that would sooth my itch once I get out there? The only reason I've stayed living in MN as long as I have is because of they fishing here. But, I have to move now, and it's extremely important that to me to be able to continue the passtime that has kept me sane at times, and gives me great happiness. Any help that any of you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
  6. 1)Bucktail 2)Top Raider 3)BullDawg 4)Spinnerbait(rad dog, slop master or billy finn) 5) Crankbait(shallow runner, which should gove you a little more versstility) Color-wise, I guess its lake specific, but I like darker natural colors.
  7. That looks like a European Pike. They have a different look to them, and that's what they look like. Plus, if someone caught a Northern that big. You'd think they'd take a better picture than that. Google a Euro Pike, and take a look at it.
  8. Last weekend was very good to me. I got a 49", 47" and a 44". Here's the 49". Then I got a 40" on Tonka on Tuesday.
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