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  1. Thanks for the input. I am still a little confused though. If the outside spread doesn't count on to your final score, why would they even have you measure it then? Does tip to tip add onto your final score? The reason I am asking this question, is because I shot an eight pointer tuesday night, that has a possibility of making pope&young. The way it sits right now without tip to tip or outside spread, I am sitting at about a score of 115. I need to use at least one of these measurements to make it across the mark. Thanks again Fish- N- Hunt
  2. I am curious on how to score a rack. Is it like the following listed below? Measure main beams Measure tine lengths Measure circumferences in between tines Measure inside spread Deduct the differences between sides Is this correct? I have heard also that you measure tip to tip and greatest outside spread. Is this just a myth? Any help on this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Fish- N- Hunt
  3. Try gunsamerica.com or gunbroker.com That seems like a reasonable deal if in good condition, they are very nice guns. Fish- N- Hunt
  4. I might try a little rattling tonight. I never have been succesful with this and I had a couple of questions concerning rattling this early in the year. How loud am I suppose to be rattling, can a deer even hear it if I am doing it softly? Is it a bad idea to rattle and grunt this early in the year? Or should I wait a couple weeks yet? Any input will be helpful Thanks Fish- N- Hunt
  5. Thanks for the help. I am going to try it again tonight in the same stand location. It will be a little better wind for me tonight. I will let you know if I poke her, or for that matter anything else. Haven't seen any bucks out there yet, but maybe tonight might be the night!!! Fish- N- Hunt
  6. I have never hunted coyotes either, but I think it would be a blast. It seems like the population keeps going up with more yelping every evening. I was bowhunting last night and was kind of chuckling to myself. I hunt near railroad tracks, everytime a train will go by and blow its horn the yotes would call back to it everytime. It was kind of cool, but a little erie at the same time. Fish- N- Hunt
  7. She came out of the brush walking straight towards me. Caught me completly by surprise, I had no warning that they were coming. I could have shot her when she was facing towards me with her head down. I didn't feel comfortable taking that shot, give me a little more light I probably would have poked her. My motto is if you don't feel comfartable taking the shot, then pass and you should get another opportunity. But in this case I hope I get another opportunity!! Sure does get your heart a racing when she is standing in front of you and you're waiting for her to make her move!! Fish- N- Hunt
  8. Thanks for all the help. I can move my stand, but at this spot there is know way to really set-up according to the wind. This spot I have is only good with a wind coming from the north. It seems like there rarely is a north wind either, but this is one of the two spots that I have to hunt. I went against my odds last night and hunted it with a South wind, I never really got winded but she knew something just wasn't quite right and walked back into the woods after about ten minutes just standing 10 yards from me. My stand is a portable ladder stand so moving wouldn't be the end of the world, but trees in the area are very minimal. Oh yea I was also wondering do any of you feel like shooting a doe with fawns is a bad thing? Any input on this ? Thanks again Fish- N- Hunt
  9. I hunt a very small patch of woods and right now I have only seen a few deer. I have my eye on this mature doe that has two fawns. Last night I had an opportunity, but was not comfortable with the shot, so I past. It got dark and I thought they were out of my sight. I started getting down from my ladder stand and all of a sudden I see her eyes staring at me. Will she back or will she not come back, knowing that I was there? Does that have fawns I think are the hardest deer to bag. Any thoughts on this? Thanks Fish- N- Hunt
  10. I noticed the same thing, it seems very early. I think they are just starting to claim domanance and territory. I am just confused though too because I see bucks still in there bachelor groups. I was going to post the same thing. Fish- N- Hunt
  11. I was down in the Winona area this weekend bowhunting and the grouse were drumming like crazy. I thought that you only hear this in the Spring time? I think it would be pretty hard to have this sound confused with another sound. Saw a lot of grouse though, it was really neat to hear them, why would they be drumming? Fish- N- Hunt
  12. Just curious if anyone has ever encountered a Timber Rattlesnake or a Massagua? not sure on the spelling but it is another species of Rattler in MN.? I know that they inhabit SE MN. Fish-N-Hunt
  13. I am planning on heading to the Winona area to visit a friend of mine. While I stay there I was thinking of trying a little bowhunting. I have never hunted this area before, but it is great scenery and i've heard good hunting. Does or has anyone ever tried deer hunting in this area? Just curious if it would be worth a try or if I should leave my bow at home. Thanks Fish- N- Hunt WAHOOOO!!!! 100 POSTS
  14. I am no expert on this, but have you tried letting a wet duck dry and using that as your dummy for her to fetch. Maybe you have already tried this, but I don't know of many dogs that don't like to play fetch. All the dogs that I have seen will retrieve anything that you through at it. If you haven't tried this yet, it might be worth a try. Fish- N- Hunt
  15. Thanks for posting them Stratosman. Does anybody know if this was caused from past injuries or what would have caused this to grow the way it did. These pictures were taken last year, what are the chances it would be still this way this year? I think it's cool but rare. Thanks Fish- N- Hunt
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