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  1. Looking for some info on a new Ground Blind to bow hunt out of. Looking to spend $150 or less. Just wondering what people have and like or dislike. Thanks
  2. My brother made a very bad shot on a nice 8 pointer on Monday night. It was quartering away and he hit it in the right butt cheek and came out in front of the left quarter. Using a Rage 3 blade. Ran 100 yards and was done. Great blood and terrible shot. I was very impressed with the damage and blood it caused.
  3. Looking at maybe upgrading to a 20 ft ice castle. I currently have a 16 ft and am wondering if 20 ft is to big. I fish mille lacs and lake of the woods. This year you could drive anywhere but last year was a different store. I like to get off the main road if possible and don't want to be stuck with just finding a spot and taking it. Wondering if anyone has a 20 footer and what they like don't like. Thanks
  4. Smokey Mountain Cooker 22.5. Had an electric for years and would not go back after using charcoal. Charcoal is more of a cook then just set and forget.
  5. Does anyone know when they release the new models or know of any new models they are coming out with. Maybe something in the 8x18 range.
  6. Wondering which charger to get for my fish house. The 5 amp or 10 amp per bank. Will be charging it with a honda. Any help would be great. thanks
  7. Just wondering if anyone has there wheel house out yet. I have a 8x16 and thinking I might wait till the new years trip to put it out.
  8. use in the new house Jeff R Aitkin
  9. I have a 16x8 ice castle and can get it spray foamed for 300 or do sheets for 120. I like the spray foam but wife thinks cheaper is better. Any help Or plus or negatives
  10. How much if any fat do you leave on your venison you are going to get ground. I clean mine pretty much with no fat and a buddy leaves alot on. Just wondering if it makes a big taste difference when you grind it and mix it with pork.
  11. I have a ice castle and last year used a battery charger in the house. Wondering if it is beneficial to switch to a on board charger. I also have a deep cell battery and gel battery. Also if anyone had a pic of there setup that would be great.
  12. That's what I was thinking but I looked on line and they make sound bad
  13. Last night I cooked meatballs and gravy. Finished them around 10 and left them out on the stove to cool and forgot about them till 4 this morning. Wondering if they are ok to eat.
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