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  1. I bought a whole bolt of lycra spandex at a fabric store (clearance price) and then sewed up sleeves for both my summer and ice rods. I sew them so that the sleeves fit the tips a little loose (easier to insert and pull off, but also made the open end snug so that I stretch the fabric to fit over the reel which keeps it place very nicely, they work great for both protection and tangle- proofing the line,tips and reels in my rod case/rod box. Also, I'm working on a jigging action contraption that puts about 100x more action on jigging spoons than the buzz sticks. Haven't caught any fish with it yet, (waiting for a 12v motor) but it makes an angel eye or a rattlin varmit wiggle like a shad rap at 4 mph. What's wrong with that?
  2. Hi there Cliffy, I'm really glad you like your Big Dipper. I was really glad I had one in my van last Tuesday, I got myself and one other guy unstuck. They work great for scooping behind your tires and under the vehicle. Thanks, Mark Edevold - Gonvick,MN
  3. I walked out 20 yards on Perch lake "by Gully" on the way to work this morning. Drilled with the mora through a good 6" of rock hard ice. I think I'll try dangling some jig's tomorrow night after work.
  4. Have any of you guys tried these bulbs? I think it's going to help solve the lighting problem for me.
  5. I devised a pretty effective and easy way to both protect the bulb and make a reflector/shade. I took a sheet of alum. foil, folded it double into a 5"x12" strip and then wrapped this around the bulb and the cord and then kinda squashed it all down so that it attached to the bulb/cord thus providing a reflector that directs all of the light down, an at the same time protects the bulb and makes it cool to handle. Actually, the unit did not heat up much past the "warm" stage where it can be easily handled, so I wonder how much current is lost to heat. Amps = watts divided by volts so a 20 watt light 12 volt will use 1.6 amps/hr. So going by this formula a 7.2 amp battery should provide 4.5 hours of light on a full charge. a 15 watt bulb calculates to use 1.25 amp hrs, so this will extend your use time out to 5.76 hours of light, and a 10 watt bulb will run for twice as long on the same battery as a 20 watt. ( 9hrs -vs- 4.5hrs)
  6. Stuffed walleye or rainbow is tough to beat. It's a little upscale and takes just a little more prep but thr results are visually stunning and equally delicious. Bread two nice sized fillets with a cornmeal breading like the "Lost River Cornmeal Herb Breading" (which I produce and sell) It's basically a Blend of cornmeal, dried potato, herbs (basil&thyme), a little garlic, salt. Prepare the stuffing by loosely crushing some Club crackers, mix in some mayo, a little sour cream, grated cheddar or parmesan, minced green onions, and a tiny bit of dijon mustard. (The texture should resemble a chunky and somewhat drier egg salad mixture) Pan fry as usual then spread a 1/2inch layer of the "stuffing " on the top side - add a dusting of paprika, then pop under the broiler to warm and brown the stuffing. Serve with a nice green salad, and garlic mashed potatos or a baked spud.
  7. Here's something I'm workin on. I clamped some leads on to one of the little 12 volt halogen bulbs that are commonly used for undercounter lighting. (They normally run off a 120v - 12 v transformer) The bulb is a 20 watt - and lights up very nicely - one problem though is that the connector prongs on the bulb are stainless (I think?) and solder won't stick so a factory connector would be nice to get ahold of. As I have'nt yet used it in for actual icefishing - I'm not sure how long it will run on a typical 12 volt - 7.2 amp gelcell battery. Maybe if any of you guys have a spare bulb laying around you can try this also, and see how it works. One down side is that the bulb gets hot, and if it happened to drop either into the snow or water I'm afraid a minor explosion might occur.
  8. a State of MN food inspector told me that Green Beans are the most deadly and touchy food to can with regards to botulism. Just follow the directions that come with the pressure cooker.
  9. I'm pretty sure that salmon is one of the fishes that always gets frozen for a day or so before they use it raw for sushi.
  10. I know a few guy's who won't eat anything that swims or flys, but I know that most of us fisherman think a couple of crispy fried fillets is the next thing to goin to heaven. My question is this: Who's tried Sushi? Did you like it? Do you love it? Did you hate it? Personally, I'm pretty much a fish lover, and I really like sushi. A nice slice of extra fresh raw salmon or yellowtail or ahi on a wad of rice with a pinch of wasabi and a dip of jazzed up soysauce is pretty dang good. The downside is that it's pretty pricey - and I don't think any of our freshwater fish would be very good without a good ol beer battering.
  11. Gonvick is just south of the SW corner of Lower Red Lake (NW of Bemidji approx 45 mi.) The Little Dipper is designed for 6" auger holes and up. I have tried cutting the scooper down to make it work for 5" holes, and it makes a handy little unit for scooping minnows too - plus you have the tape measure on the handle to measure your fish. I could cut one down for you if you'd like - just email me if you're interested. I don't typically sell direct, but if you can't get one or you'd rather have me do the customizing I could make an exception for a guy from Iowa. [email protected]
  12. The Ice Show is a pretty good time for us ice fishin gear heads. One tip though - Don't waste your money eating the high priced junk/concession food at the show, instead walk kiddi corner across the street to Cosetta's Italian deli (on 7th st). for the best Cafeteria style Italian food in the cities. (reasonable $$ too ) It's worth the two block walk. PS (I'M not trying to promote this place, I just think they've got really good food)
  13. Send Me your screwed up dipper cup, and I'll Mail you a new cup to bolt on to restore your dipper to like new condition. Thanks to all you guy's for giving my product such good reviews. I really appreciate it, and I'm glad that you all find the Big and Little Dippers to be a durable and useful Ice Fishing tool. Also,I stand behind the quality and so far have only had one fisherman return a broken cup for replacement. Send To: Mark Edevold - 270 Main St. - Gonvick,MN 56644 Mange Takk
  14. What do you do? I was at a local watering hole a couple weeks back and two guys were bragging about all the hawks and owls they'd been shooting with their 17's. I told them what I thought: that they were a couple of ignorant rednecks that ought to be turned in. They claimed to be helping grouse conservation.
  15. We've got excellent breadings At: www.mrsolsonslefse.com 10,000 Lakes Fish Breading and Beer Batter, an original Mrs. Olson's specialty is packaged in single batch packages for freshness and convenience. It can be purchased as a box of six - 8 oz. packages, or as part of a special gift pack. Lost River Garden Herb and Cornmeal Breading, A light and crispy herb seasoned coating for frying or baking fish, seafood, chicken etc. 16 oz. pkgs. Lost River Red Pepper and Garlic Breading, This special blend adds a little Zing to your favorite foods. Makes an excellent crispy beer batter. 16 oz. pkgs. check em out!! the 10,000 lakes and the Red pepper-garlic can be mixed with beer for a batter. The Cornmeal-herb is a dry mix only coating. All Gourmet quality stuff!!
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