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  1. YakTracks XTM spikes for $20 and flasher batteries for $17 at The farm store today and tomorrow
  2. kensom

    Brainerd jaycees

    BRING WARM CLOTHES!........I have done this several times and it is usually brutally cold. There are several bus shuttles and they do a good job getting you back and forth, but be prepared to wait a long time to get back to your car at the end as everybody is leaving at the same time. A backpack would be a good idea as you have to walk in and out and load whatever you bring into the bus.
  3. kensom

    Strikemaster Auger Blades

    There is a place in Lakeville that offers an exchange.... not sure about the quality as i have never used them. Look in the sporting catagory on C list.
  4. kensom

    wood tip down

    FF in Lakeville has them.....they are not on sale right now so they are $24
  5. kensom

    wood tip down

    Fleet F usually has them for about $20.....you're right they would be easy to make if you had a table saw and a drill press and a few trips to the hardware store.......or just cough up a twenty and call it good, I think that includes a simple rod/reel also and provides income for the guy that sells them.
  6. kensom

    Spring bobbers are a waste of money

    +1......love my St. Croix spring bobbers....I know my catch rate is much higher with them, no problems with icing up
  7. kensom

    striker ice suit sizing?

    I would not not recommend buying one of these without trying on first...I bought a medium jacket last year...every jacket I own is medium but My Striker seems a bit large to me. With the floatation built in these are a little stiffer and worth trying on first.
  8. kensom

    auger blade sharpening

    There is a place in Lakeville just North of Gander Mtn on same service road, advertsises on C list for somewhere around $17 - $19? I have never tried them so no idea how they hold up. Sorry not very close to North Metro though.......
  9. kensom

    What do you want in a seminar?

    Being a long time open water fisherman, but relatively new to ice fishing, I would be most interested in learning how to locate fish in a new lake. How do you determine where to drill your holes when you show up at a new lake with nothing but a map and maybe some DNR info? I have been to enough seminars about what jigs/rods/line/bait to use and how to use them but if there are no fish under the hole aint nothin gonna happen.
  10. kensom

    Boat Insurance costs?

    I just got my insurance renewal from that insurance company that Flo advertises for all day everyday on what seems like every channel.....I guess I know where most of my premium dollars go.....anyway is $200 too much or average for a 2002 Alumacraft Trophy 175 w/115 Yamaha and trailer? Seems like a bunch to me as I think it was about $100 a few years ago. What are you guys paying....
  11. kensom

    concave horizontal jig

    Lundeens in Onamia and Tutts in Garrison have them....not sure of the brand???
  12. I really like the concept of a Glide Light sled for hole hopping and having something liteweight to carry all the gear.....but I am kinda cheap and don't want to spend $80 or more....has anyone built something to accomodate a 5 gall bucket, ice scoop, rod holders, locator and willing to share a picture or 2? In addition to being cheap, I also like to tinker and get satisfaction from builing my own gadgets.
  13. kensom

    Navionics app for Android/iphone - ice fishing GPS

    I love this app and use it all the time...only drawback is the small screen..I noticed that they offer a HD version for Android tablets for 36 or 37 dollars. Since I have a 10" tablet I think i might try that.....anyone else tried the tablet version yet.?
  14. kensom

    StrikeMaster Auger Give-Away

    I will use the electric for running and gunning on my ATV. Gettin tired of pulling the rope on my old Strikemaster Magnum. Ken Sommer Lakeville
  15. kensom

    repairs! Auger, flasher, porty!

    I had my sled wear through also.....I patched the holes and mounted a 1/2" plywood base under it followed by a couple of 2x3 boards that I mounted some cheap/free old downhill skis on. This thing pulls like a dream now without the tub dragging on the snow. I've had the recoil rope break before, fixed it myself...was a pain, wish I would have just bought a replacement like you. GOOD LUCK!