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  1. DuluthMedic

    Death of a dog

    I good friend of mine just had to put his "best friend" down the other day. He was an old lab and one of the best hunting/companions I've ever seen. My buddy is having a hard time with it, which I understand. I was watching bird hunting on tv, unsure of the show. Anyways it was a hunting resort and they had lost many dogs over the years. They had some really nice graves for the dogs. On one of the favorite hunting dogs grave there was an engraving of a (as i would call it) a "loss of a hunting dog poem." Well I'm looking for the poem and hope to get it engraved for him. I figured I'd start the search here. Thanks everyone!
  2. DuluthMedic

    Computer fan's in fish house..

    Has anyone figured out a way to adjust the speed? I've been trying with no luck.
  3. DuluthMedic

    Hole cover Ideas....

    I too have a camper converstion we use for ice and hunting. We purchased the hard plastic hole covers from a local web site. Also picked up the glow in the dark plastic tubes that come with it. We use a 12 inch hole and I think thecovers were only 13-14 inches. Also if you house sits to high still, you can take a 5 gallon pale and they slid nicely into the plastic tubes,, that will get you even closer to the ice. Hope that helps.
  4. DuluthMedic

    First hunt help!

    Wow, just thinking about this hunt is getting me pump! Thanks for the replies fellas! We plan on paddling out into a swamp, so we will be in water most of the time. My dog listens pretty well, Heel, sit, not bad on stay. Only problem is he LOVES water. I can hardly keep him in the boat while fishing. I'm thinking I won't be using my gun much, I will just work with the dog alot. I'll let the other guy do some shooting. I"ll report once I get back! Thanks again!
  5. DuluthMedic

    First hunt help!

    Thanks Surface Tension, what kind of stuff are you talking about. I'm leaving friday and thursday is my day off before we leave. My email is: [email protected] Thanks! Thanks Jaymack, Those are the same thoughts I had!
  6. DuluthMedic

    First hunt help!

    Taking the dog for his first duck hunt in N. Dakota this weekend. Any tips for working with a first time dog. He listens pretty good, but at 15 months, hes still very much a puppy! We've been out for grouse, but hadn't had any luck. Thanks fellas!
  7. DuluthMedic

    Passing a sock

    My 13 m/o lab has eaten 2 of my wifes socks. I've seen them pass from both ends! Amazing! I do know a friend that dropped 3Gs on surgery for bowl obstruction.
  8. DuluthMedic

    12 volt fan question

    Well thanks for the input fellas! So far I only installed 2 fans. Picked up a rheostat from radio shack and it was 3 watts and I was pushing 9..soooo she was toasty. Anyway...I thought to myself..they are in fact "computer fans" You can by computer fan speed controllers for computers to run the fans. They are only 8 bucks. I'm going to try that. Thanks again!
  9. DuluthMedic

    12 volt fan question

    Hey thanks fellas, I knew i'd get a good answer here! I'm thinking of trying a junk yard for a dimmer switch out of a car/truck. I'll let ya know how it goes.....thanks again!
  10. DuluthMedic

    12 volt fan question

    ok...was it a regular 12 volt "light" dimmer switch? Or was it designed for a fan? Or won't it matter. I spoke with a person on hsolist about a dimmer switch they were selling and they said they hooked it up to a 12 volt fan and it got really hot really fast.
  11. DuluthMedic

    12 volt fan question

    I'd like to run 3 12 volt computer fans in my ice house. There called "muffin fans." I'd like to slow or control the speed of the fan. They are just too loud. I was told I needed a rheostat to slow the speed of the fan. I was also told to try an old switch from a car dashboard heater. They will all be hooked up to a boat battery. Any ideas?...I know I'm not the only one with these fans. Please help!
  12. I've got a choco lab 10 months and he rarely barks. He whines ALOT! His mother died at birth and was then bottle fed. I'm wondering if he's got some seperation problems. He doesn't whine in his crate unless he's gotta go pee or eat. Any ideas how to get him to stop?..or just young yet. Just thought you guys would like to see a few pics of my best friend!..(next to wife of course)
  13. DuluthMedic

    Limping dog?

    He's 10 m/o and almost 70lbs. He's not chubby at all. I'm hoping for the best! He brings so much laughter and fun to the both of us!
  14. DuluthMedic

    Limping dog?

    So recently my dog has developed a limp. He's a 10 m/o choco lab. We had him out with a yellow horsin around in the woods. He must have stepped on a stick wrong, cause he yelped loud. He seemed fine after awhile. A week later we went on a long walk and I noticed on the way home he was limping slightly on one side. Visited the vet and was told to take it easy for 2 weeks. Well after a few days, the limp became more frequent and prominent. Mind you the limp has never been continous, only once in awhile. So we went in for xrays, they came up ok, they've been sent out for a dif. opinion, which we are awaiting. The vet told me about 10 m/o labs some times can get what I understood as pitting on there joint bones. Which would require surgery. I'm hoping not, cause I'm paying for my wedding and I do not make that much money. My main question is: Do dogs have growing pains??? What could be the problem? Thanks for reading this novel!