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  1. where do you see that on the HSOforum>>>I see the package you can buy if you already have the tub, but that includes poles and all mounting hardware.
  2. Can a person buy just the tent? I have the blue ice camo lodge and want to upgrade to the thermal xt900 proor whatever it is. Dont need the poles or any of that. Any info would be appreciated, Thanks Dakotaiceman.
  3. I'm also considering purchasing one of these. Are there any other post's/threads related to this product? Thanks, Iceman out>
  4. Does anyone know how many D size batteries the Big Buddy heater takes for the fan?
  5. And now a few words from our sponsor in regards to last night's fishing expedition.....(*&%*&$^%#_&(*(&$#%$#$#@#. Iceman out>
  6. Rehab is for quitters....I aint no quitter! Ok so maybe I been sitting on a bar stool fishing with a short pole for the last week..or two weeks, no matter The slayer has awoken and I am headed south tonight. I watched a snowmobile head that way last night along the shoreline until he was out of sight. That makes me go hmmmm. With the tourny less than three weeks away it's time we found the elusive eye's. They are setting up some where and I intend to find them. It's time to go trap attack!!!! or should I say Team Otter? Run and Gun Baby!!! lets cover some ground and plot some waypoints so we have a gameplan come the end of Jan. The barometric pressure is way up today which generally equates to poor fishing but...."I HAVE A DREAM". Cmon Foster....tell em how wonderful your Chubby Daughter has produced for you...so good you conned your youngest blood into using that worthless lure.....that my friend is sad. You know in your heart that it is junk but all you can see is that $5.00 bill blowing across the parking lot with you in hot pursuit. Did I mention that when the wind blows here it stops in Desmoines? Iceman out>
  7. LOL. I haven't drawn a sober breath in 4 days now and still no fish.....Let the blizzard rage on- Iceman out>
  8. basically 3 days straight of fishing and not even a bite unless you count the three little bluegills on the stock dam friday night. Was looking back on last years notes and we were catching limits this time last year. The whole river system seems to be very slow for fishing right now. hopefully the weather will change and ignite the bite. Iceman out>
  9. You are the man...more info for the blog. The trials and tribulations of Ice Fishing. You are right there are days when you simply have to pay the gods their due....So I'm assuming your all paid up and our next outing will bear results? Let me know when your heading out. Iceman.
  10. I'm confused. How did the fire start? If this was a big buddy something would have had to come in contact with the heat source right? Could the hose have been stiff from being cold and leaned up against the front of the grill and caught fire like that? I keep my tank outside but I have never seen a big buddy burst into flames. Just wondering if there is a better explanation Or does a guy need to worry about flames shooting out of the tank even if it is sitting outside.
  11. Chubby Darter.....the biggest scam to suck fisherman down the swirling vortex since the cordless drill auger!!! I actually used all the treble hooks off of my collection of the above mentioned worthless lure to replace all the ones still imbedded in my rod case. charging batteries and getting ready for another adventure today. Iceman out>
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