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  1. UdeLakeTom

    20 inch Box Fan

    That is pretty deep stuff....I am sure not ready for anything like that.
  2. UdeLakeTom

    Timberwolves 2009-2010

    Kurt Rambis for coach of the year!! Small steps...let's enjoy each win.
  3. UdeLakeTom

    Who are we? Post your Bios here!

    Welcome....scroll down to the photography forum and you will find all kinds of help for posting pictures. I would copy the link for you, but that is one thing I can't figure out yet. Just in case you were wondering...the men on the site sneak into the ladies forum occaionally.
  4. UdeLakeTom

    Your 09/10 Fantasy Team? Boom Or Bust? Vent Or Brag!

    We have a 12 team league...once injuries start piling up, the pickings get real slim. The waiver wire is set up for pick ups last to first. Nobody wants to trade. The last place team has Shaub and Payton, and won't trade either. He has no running backs to speak of. If it was a TE only league, he would be in 1st place. But it is all for fun.
  5. UdeLakeTom

    Bags of Corn Advertised in Hunting Ad

    Another thing to remember, is you can put out food up to 10 days before the season begans. Although that time period ends this week in some of the zones.
  6. UdeLakeTom

    Anybody know any clean jokes?

    I was walking past the mental hospital the other day,And all the patients were shouting, '13....13....13.' The fence was too high to see over, but I saw aLittle gap in the planks, so I looked through to seeWhat was going on......? Someone poked me in the eye with a stick! Then they all started shouting '14....14....14'...
  7. UdeLakeTom

    Hair police

    I remember Frank when he used to do North Star games and didn't have any hair. The first time he had the piece on, we laughed our heads off.
  8. UdeLakeTom

    Your 09/10 Fantasy Team? Boom Or Bust? Vent Or Brag!

    Oh, oh, under .500 for the first time. Went into last nite needing points from Manning, Breaston and Fitzgerald....Hakeem Nicks outscored them for the other team. Those ESPN projections are bogus. Don't play Sproles, LT is back. Drop Clayton (DAL), he is moving out of position. The only guy that worked for me was Benson, and I had to trade Randy Moss to get him...Also got McGahee in the deal.
  9. UdeLakeTom

    Men vs. Boys

    Windy...just sell that $65.000 vehicle and buy one of dem $500 ford pigups...they will get you down our gravel roads just fine and you will have enough left over for a good ice shack and a double wide. And you might even have some left over for brewski's and minnows.