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  1. MN Mike. Thanks and ill have to see where next year bring me, i may need a group to ride with. Im hoping she gets into CO. She did research out there this past summer and i headed out there twice. Gotta say i do love the area. Leech. She did apply for UP of Mich school and an upstate prep school in new york both places that get Lake Effect Snow.
  2. Well.... money is one thing, but shes getting her PhD completely paid for and getting paid to go at the same time. So with her getting paid to go and no school bills im hoping to go back to school full time and finally get the mechanical engineering degree ive been part time trying to get and work at the same time. I haven’t exactly had that option before with the economy the way its been lately. On the bright side, she loves mountains and is applying to a bunch of schools out west and wants to go to a school in Colorado the most. Which would be great cuz my cousin has a cabin in CO that they keep their sleds at. So looks like it may be new sled time…… MOUNTAIN SLED TIME! Lol. MN Mike, those pictures do get my blood pumping. Maybe some day ill be able to head to places like that or meet up there.
  3. Well bought a brand new sled 2 years ago. This is my 3rd season with it. 1st had a blast. Last year got screwed because of [PoorWordUsage] work. So I was looking forward to this year since I've been getting off work at 2:20 everyday and it is prolly my last mn winter for years to come since the fiance is going to get her PhD I'm going with her. Needless to say I'm quite bummed with this winter. Even ice fishing is not even safe, they are pulling ppl out of the drink daily.
  4. Oh it will be short lived. My area says there's a 60% chance of rain tomorrow and a high of 43.
  5. So born and raised in MN. Im a HUGE outdoorsman. Archery Deer, Waterfowl, Trapping, Walleye fishing, Ice fishing, Snowmobiling, Camping etc etc. Heres what concerns me, my fiance may be going to CSU Fort Collins for her PHD and im worried that ice fishing/fishing will be few and far between, Hard woods tree stand hunting for whitetails wont happen, Waterfowl?, i heard trapping is pretty much non-existent due to hippie tree huggers so no me time trotting around a marsh hanging out with nature. Someone ease my worries..... I dont wanna lose what i love to sit in a house all day. Although id love to stick an Elk with my bow.
  6. I bought the cover for my yukon and love it cuz i can tuck up the tent part of house so nothing is hanging loose when i pull it with my sled.
  7. never owned anything besides a cat, and has yet to leave me or any of my buddies stranded anywhere for any reason. But on a more serious note, everything breaks down. Last year i rode from fbo to mankato and back looped around home after a big storm. Saw a newer ski-doo, polaris and an older polaris and cat on the side of the trail with the hood up. Couldnt say i saw a yama cuz i didnt see any even on the trail. they must have been at home in the garage
  8. dont worry, i usually head down ur way on the state trail from Fbo. i can always lend a hand if it break down, or a least ride circles and kick up some snow for ya... ahahahahah jk
  9. yea it was a single deer, weighed in the ball park of 150-160#. Hit it doing bout 55. Came up and over a hill on a paved road. Saw a deer in the north side ditch. so i started hitting the brakes and was thinkin to myself dont jump, dont jump. Next thing i know i see a flash out of the corner of my eye and a deer popped out of the southside ditch and it was all downhill from there. Then it was deer, locked up brakes, hoping it would do one of the zig zags back into the ditch it came from. NOPE, i had to manually tell it to go back into the ditch. OHHH and on the way to my girlfriends dorm in WI. Heading around a blind corner and almost hit a doe standing on the road. Though this time i had a few more seconds to stop. I swear deer found out i decided to put down the duck decoys for awhile and pick up a bow.
  10. congrats. i cant want to feel the rush of riding again. its only a matter of time now.
  11. i do basically every thing i do putting it away, just in reverse. Wash, clean, grease, check spark plugs, look for anything odd like chewed on wires or whatnot, check to see if everything is tight, maybe get the shocks rebuilt if its that time (makin sure i have time to put back in before the snow flys) check track tension and wear strips, make sure i have oil, then ill fire it up and let it idle for a good length of time to get everything pumpin again, lift the track and rev it a bit to make sure the track spins freely. 99.9% of the time i dont have to do much cuz good maintenance will prevent most things.
  12. well like i told my pops this weekend. We gotten use to so little snow the past few years that begger cant be choosers. So the snow we do get isnt the start of base layer, its the only layer and melts within a few days. But no i wouldnt go out. Most ive ever done is a little 'pre' season trot around the park in front of my house to make sure everything is running smooth. Motley man - around here all of are trails run thru fields and no farmer dont leave them unplowed down the trail so except for last year our trail system has been unrideable for many years.
  13. well lucky you guys. First year bow hunting and didnt see a thing. EXCEPT the one bouncing off the front end of my pickup about .25 mile from my stand on the way to my stand.
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