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  1. slopmaster

    Fall tactics

    For me Fall is about covering water until I find active fish and then slowing down and fishing the area well. Really no different from any other time. I start shallow and work my way out. I'll start with a topwater, crank, or some type of reaction bait to find them if my main areas don't produce and then slow down with a t-rig or jig to pick them apart. Big fish will come on a jig 9 times out of 10 for me. I had surface temps in the mid to upper 50's this past weekend and the fish were on. Fished a big rock flat with a crank and caught a few on Saturday, went back through with a jig and t-rig
  2. Thanks kt! They were in 5-7ft in areas with a good rock bottom. Points and rock spines close to deep water produced the most and biggest.
  3. I forgot my paper with the secret word so I put my pics in the photos page... RRR you already know how I did.
  4. Best 5 from saturday went 27.32lbs. Should of had over 28,but you won't here me complain to much. Topped the night off on a school of 3-4lbers and put 30 of them in the boat in the last hour. Steller day of fishing. Weights were 5.97, 5.7, 5.5, 5.48, 4.67
  5. Since I might actually get out this weekend I think I'll play. Might even catch a few fatties on the secret word. It's on RRR
  6. slopmaster

    Fall Returns

    Nice report RRR. Didn't get out this weekend sadly but I'll be targeting rocks and green weeds next weekend for sure. I'm sure you can guess what I'll be throwing as well
  7. slopmaster

    Punching in MN

    In that price range there is a lot of options. I use a powell max 7105, which is a 7'10" MH power rod. It's a decent stick that's taken a lot of abuse, but I'm not the type that owns 20+ different rods and experiments a lot. Most MH and for sure H action rods in that 7'6"-8' range should handle it well. I punch up to 1 1/4 oz weights with no issues. The thing with punching is you can have a XXH rod with 100lb braid and still lose plenty of fish. It's part of the game which I'm sure you've found out. I only fish one lake with milfoil the rest of the time I'm punching other forms of matted w
  8. slopmaster

    Fall Returns

    Same here Rum. Been married for a year and I've spent more time in the boat this past spring/summer than ever before. Taking her out bow hunting this weekend hopefully she can arrow her 4th deer. Marry the right one and things don't have to change I'll be chasing those big green fish around as well this weekend. Good things should be happening.
  9. slopmaster

    Water Pigs!

    Nice fish Brett! You by chance have the gopro running? Would have made for some great footage by the looks of it.
  10. Here's a 5.97 from last week. and a few other chunks
  11. slopmaster

    Flippn' Jigs

    These are my choices as well
  12. X2 Chris is a great guy who provides top notch jigs. If ya'll want to see the new jig check out North Star Custom Baits on Facebook. There is a picture of the new head he is adding to the lineup. It'll be perfect for us Northerners.
  13. 4.56lbs. I ended up with 2 that size. Thought it was closer to 5 right away, but the scale said otherwise.
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