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  1. Who makes a good quality, accurate tire pressure gauge? My old dial gauge has seen better days and looking for a replacement.
  2. The Freeze Alarm I have will call for low temp, loss of power and low battery. I think there is also an add on for mositure, in case sump goes out. It's programmed to call 3 phone numbers.
  3. I have a Dual Pro that has been working for 13 years.
  4. I have the Honda 2000 and a Yamaha 3000. Both are very nice, quiet, reliable. The 3000 gets pretty heavy but does have wheels.
  5. Shotguns are not registered so the 870 is not tied to your father. It does not matter that you are borrowing the gun. Here is the Canadian Border Services HSOforum describing importing a firearm: http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/publications/pub/bsf5044-eng.html You will need to complete this form and make 2 copies, but DO NOT sign them until you are in front of an agent at the border: http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/cfp-pcaf/form-formulaire/pdfs/909.pdf
  6. I had a 1998 and sold it with 270,000 miles and it was still running strong.
  7. I have glass lenses in mine but I don't think it is the 580 level. I prefer glass over plastic. Am aware of a place that has occasional deep discounts on Costa glasses (under $100), PM me for details, can't post a link here.
  8. I bought a 99 Tahoe with 350 engine three years ago, had 117,000 miles. Has 147,000 now. Have not run across any of the listed issues. Did have pinholes in the A/C line to the rear, cut line and capped it. Eventually replaced compressor as well. Other
  9. I have a 6' x 10', not sure of brand, think it came from Menards originally. Bought used about 5 years ago from someone on this site. So far it has held up fine, I brush heavy snow off the roof.
  10. DMV required a bill of sale before they would transfer registration when I bought mine.
  11. I have 2010 Bearcat and am installing a front receiver hitch and then plan on mounting the Digger carrier to that.
  12. Sierra Trading Post dot come usually has some at a deep discount. I have some Redfeather brand shoes with a tail. Work pretty good. The binding systems have changed since I bought mine so you would have to check their site to choose some. I am 250# or so and the shoes are 30" with a tail. They have a "live" hinge so kick snow up on your pant legs - wear gaiters. I do sink into the snow but don't "post hole" like I would without the shoes. Much less tiring to wear shoes. The 30" length and having a tail makes the shoes very manuverable in cattails, etc. I've found round heel or longer shoes may float better but are also tougher to use in tight conditions
  13. I have them on a 99 Tahoe with about 17K on them so far. They do not show much wear. Have handled well in mud, snow, rain but I have not driven on a snow covered lake with them.
  14. I sprayed mine with Latex paint 21 years ago, two coats. Have not had a problem yet.
  15. I just dry pluck, been doing it for over 20 years.
  16. bigdog

    Leaf Blower?

    I have Stihl hand held blower/vac that has been going strong for 9 years.
  17. I need to replace the rear body weather stripping on a 1999 Tahoe with dbl rear doors. Due to water leakage I would also like to replace the padding that is under the carpet in the cargo area. Where do you buy this stuff around mpls or St Cloud?
  18. I second the Mud River product. Have one in the car and the truck.
  19. Glad it helped you get a deal, I ordered another pair myself last week, got a different lens color in the eliminators for $56.
  20. I have a Sthil blower vac, model 85 I think. Have had no problems with it. The only impeller issue would be from using the vac around Oak tress, the acorns tend to wear the impeller. But in 10 years I have only replaced the impeller once. The vac is really handy for getting leaves out from under evergreen shrubs and cleaning junk out of the decorative rocks.
  21. I had a Bryant installed about 5 years ago and have been very happy with it, no issues and very quiet.
  22. Sierra Trading Post often has high end sunglasses at steep discounts. I bought a pair of Costas for about $65 a couple months ago.
  23. bigdog

    Flicker Shads

    Salmon seem to like them some
  24. I used the larger size in chrome as a jerk bait. Caught a number of Brown trout 5-13# and one Pike just over 20#.
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