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  1. So, chased a few roosters this weekend and always struggle with what to do when the dog (lab) gets birdy. She'll take off like a cut cat chasing a running bird, and I'm never sure if I should hold her back, or go with her?
  2. Looking to come to SD and shoot some prairie dogs this summer. Are there public hunting areas for this in the state? I got looking at some guide services and am not convinced shooting prairie dogs is worth $550 a day. Appreciate the help in advance.
  3. Barony

    San Fransisco/Bay Area Suggestions?

    What a great city to go to! Scoma's for ciopinno. Buena Vista for the best Irish Coffee I have ever had. Check out Forbe's Island on the internet. It was on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous in the 80's. The owner picks you up and ferries you to the restaurant. Really a cool experience. It's a floating man made island that this guy use to live in. Just something you have to see, and if you have time, eat there. You'll need reservations. If you opt out of getting a car, the BART is a great way to get to Embarcadero St from the airport, and from there, take the trollies. It was about $8 when we were there a few years ago. I think there is a place around the wharf that rents cars so you wouldn't have to go back to the airport to get a car.
  4. Barony


    Wife and I are looking at a little get away this winter to Vegas. We've never been there and I'm not entirely sure why we are going there, but that's another issue. She wants to check it out. Looking for some hotel suggestions/areas to stay that are off strip but within walking distance of the strip (1/2-1 mile away). Thanks in advance!
  5. Barony

    When to put down winterizer?

    Little bit off topic, but can I still put grass seed down or am I too late? I see rain in forecast and have a few spots that need some attention.
  6. Barony

    Vanity countertop question

    PurpleFloyd- Foley Construction Inc. He creates counter top based on what the customer wants including style and color schemes. Around the same price as Cambria per sq. foot.
  7. Barony

    Vanity countertop question

    I have a neighbor who has a booth at a swedish box store by MOA that makes counters out of epoxy and busted beer bottles. It's a great product, and ironically, he's 1 mile from Cambria. We have his first kitchen counter made of concrete and brown bottles. He's certainly evolved.
  8. Barony

    Air Source Vs. Ground Source Input

    Check the rate you get from the company that provides your electricity. We discovered after the fact that we were not going to get off peak, so instead of paying .03 like my rural friends are w/ the ground unit, we are paying .11 1/2. Sure do like the unit though.
  9. Barony

    Can light thoughts

    I did use regular 75 watt bulbs, thus the problem. Things are good now though.
  10. Barony

    Can light thoughts

    Had 75 watt bulbs and switched to 65 watt bulbs. That seems to have fixed the problem. The lights have been on since 7 and all is well. Thanks for all the help guys. Easy solution in hind sight. The 75 watt bulbs got too hot I guess and kicked out the sensor.
  11. Barony

    Can light thoughts

    This is one of the many reasons why I drink. Arg.
  12. Barony

    Can light thoughts

    The units are Quantums units. I was using a dimmer switch and thought it might be that, so I replaced the switch w/ a regular switch to see if it was that, and it's not. The units are IC, but I did not put boxes over them, just blown insulation. Looks like that could be the next step (boxes).
  13. Barony

    Can light thoughts

    I was a two boxes of 4 lights from a box store. I checked the side of the box and have the right bulbs in there, so that isn't the problem. I do not relish the thought of having to crawl into the attic to replace the cans if that is the issue. Brand new cans too.
  14. Barony

    Can light thoughts

    Installed some can lights in our addition. I have 3 lights on 1 600 watt dimmer switch, and 5 lights on another 600 watt switch. I have been having problems with 2 lights on the 5 light chain, that after 45 minutes of being on, suddenly shut off for 15 minutes and then come back on. It's happened almost every night, and not the same lights. Any thoughts? Change to a 1000 watt switch? This is a dedicated circuit for these lights, so there is only 1 other draw and it is a switched outside light that is never on. Thanks.
  15. Barony

    Morris/Appleton Pheasants

    Consider going a little further west to the Alberta/Chokio/Graceville area. Lots of public land out that way.