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  1. I'm sure you know that blck birds are protected. I think I would remove that from your post ?????????
  2. Take it to a Gunsmith and have spacers installed to just the length you want . I had Ahlmans do mine and works perfect.
  3. BudMan

    Adding an LP Gas Range

    IMO have a Licensed plumber do the splice of the pipe and the hookup. LP can make your house go BOOM if you don't know what you are doing . Cost a few $$$ but what is your life worth ?????
  4. Sounds to me like you just 'short shucked it' when you got excited . Don't feel bad , it happens a lot . I have a few 870's and they work just fine , but lent them to friends who I know got excited and just 'short shucked' them , and whined about the gun which works just fine for me .........
  5. BudMan

    Game Fair - Guns

    Note from admin, Please read forum policy before posting again, thank you.
  6. BudMan

    TPLO Surgery

    I have a 90 lb male Golden Retriever and he tore his ACL the fall of 07 while we were hunting Pheasants . Like you stated , he came up lame and after a couple months of doctoring I was refered to a Vet in Faribault , Dr Katie . She checked him over and knew right away even without an X-ray what it was. She explained the procedure to me and I went with it. $2400 later , and a lenghty rehab he is good as new . She stated that in over half of the situations the dog will tear the other within a year. Max has not done that yet , hoping he won't , and it was performed june of 08.She also told me that it Can happen to Any dog , larger breeds more likely cause of the weight.Good luck with your decision.
  7. BudMan


    Excellent Advice , I've been reloading for about 47 years and I would NEVER load for another...............
  8. BudMan

    So I bought a pressure washer.......

    Most likely the pops are caused by shale in the aggergate.And yes even some of the big concrete suppliers can have that issue. Really doesn't hurt anything , cosmetic. I'm not sure where you are from , but lots of driveways in Mkto show these .
  9. BudMan

    Dog ate bone from eighteen pound ham?!

    My Vet told me to NEVER give a dog pork bones. I think I would take your pooch to the Vet ASAP
  10. BudMan

    Water in motor oil

    I may be old school, but I Always change my oil in the Fall that way my engine sits with clean oil in it. Then before I go out in spring it is checked again and run a couple times and changed again. I feel oil is cheap as compared to what it costs to fix them . By the way , never had a problem yet. knock knock...........
  11. BudMan

    uncased guns in mn?

    It is my understanding that this new proposal would also apply to duck hunting. If you have ever tried to get a cripple on the water from a boat you would realize handy it would be not to have the gun cased. I think it is a GREAT IDEA.........
  12. BudMan

    Anyone shooting Crows????

    When we were coyote hunting last week we saw a couple crows that were ABOUT to do damage. Well , they won't do anymore........
  13. BudMan


    Well , I'll just say that most of the ones we shoot are in southern Minn. I seriously doubt if the yotes up north are bigger , but since we don't hunt up there I can't be positive .Of all we've taken only one 40Lbs so far . Of course we don't weigh all , just an obvious big one.I still maintain that on a scale they shrink . Just like those 250 lb bucks LOL.
  14. BudMan


    Won't tell you specifically where we hunt , but will say this . Actually the total is 207 , about one third were shot in N.D.
  15. BudMan


    They might appear to be 40+ lbs, but when you actually put them on a scale they shrink.........we have taken over 200 in the past 4 years and the largest was just 40 lbs on a scale.Most are in the mid to high 20's and some males are in the lower 30's