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  1. Went out today in my Clam Voyager and a buddy and I cut a very large hole and sat side by side and speared. Only stuck a couple but the house worked well. I do put down some floor mats to darken things up and I am planning on putting more velcro on the windows.
  2. mmeyer

    Lowrance Ice Pack Float setup

    I have the 67C and I do not use the depth adjustment cord, just the ice-ducer cord and a float. I have had no problems with it. The elastic cord is a poor design IMO.
  3. mmeyer

    The difference is in the details with plastics...

    Good tip and great info! Thanks DC
  4. mmeyer

    FireBrite LED FREE Give-Away

    I'd love to have a set for my new flipover! Just not in the budget right now.
  5. mmeyer

    Single Hook Configuration Help

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. What makes you say that you will get slammed for that? It doesn't specify that you can't. Just looking for info. Thanks
  6. mmeyer

    Single Hook Configuration Help

    Thanks, I missed that. It is a bit confusing isn't it? Could it be a snell with a treble hook attached? Anyone have any other thoughts?
  7. I read a reply in the Tipup post here that mentioned the single hook configuration on page 9 of the regulations. I was hoping someone could clarify that this means exactly that we can use a treble hook on the end of the line without a bead or spinner. Also, would this mean that a person could tie on 3 single hooks at different depths as long as they are less than 9" apart? I know I can call my DNR office but I thought I'd check here first since it's the weekend. Thanks! Mike
  8. mmeyer

    Anyone one use Coleman lanterns anymore?

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I'll be getting one of those S hooks. I'm happy to be able to save a little cash and use what I have. Good luck fishing everyone!
  9. I have a Coleman Dual fuel lantern and I haven't used it the last couple of years but it seems like a waste to buy a different light when I have that one sitting in my garage. Does anyone use one anymore? It it possible to hang it in a flip over house or would that cause disaster for my canvas? Any other tips? Thanks Mike
  10. mmeyer

    Loading shanty in the truck

    I was thinking along those lines as well. The PITA factor is the main thing to consider. I'm all for making things easier and more convenient but adding hassle is not what I want. The video was great but I think that looked like a pain the way it had to be set up and taken down too. I'll probably stick with the old way until something or someone comes up with a nice simple way to save my back. Thanks everyone, and keep the comments coming if you have them!
  11. mmeyer

    Loading shanty in the truck

    Hey Everyone, I just got a new Clam Voyager the day after Thanksgiving. I have had a similar house in the past am I was and am still wondering if anyone has ever tried to use some type of pulley system or block and tackle to help pull it up in the truck box? I use ramps to slide it up on but I was thinking of putting some kind of pulley system in the box that I could hook up to the front of the sled and using it to assist me in loading the house by myself. Anyone ever use something like that? Thanks
  12. mmeyer

    Hot water boiler question

    This seems to be exactly what's going on. I didn't think it looked that old but this explains my situation perfectly. So, I guess this is something I have to live with. Thanks for all of the replies! Mike
  13. mmeyer

    Hot water boiler question

    Alright, so that confirms my thought that something wasn't right. I guess I'll call the property manager and see if I can get something done. Thanks again!