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  1. Anyone have a recommendation for a map chip for a Lowrance HDS Gen 2 unit for the Apostle Islands/Lake Superior area? Thanks in advance for your help
  2. We have been up the past few weekends. Walleye bite is very good - crappies, not so much. Have focused on Walleyes but from the way it sounds the typical Crappie spots are not producing right now. The Elbow doesn't seem to have many Crappies in there at all right now. We were in there three weeks ago and did well but boats coming out of their in the past few weeks have had few, if any, Crappies. Some boats have reported a half dozen or so and others zero fish. Walleyes are in the typical Fall areas - current, deep holes, necked down areas.
  3. Anyone have any info as to whether or not the Crappies have begun to move into their Fall locations? Thanks
  4. Ducks Given this was our first venture into the area we were very cautious in our approach to driving and travel. We didn't see a marked trail from Hanson Bay but we did follow the snowmobile tracks and there was a pretty solid path right up to the north end of Miles Bay. We didn't see or find any areas that we were concerned with but keep in mind we played it safe and kept to the open areas. Once in Miles Bay there was 36"+ of ice and it was all good.
  5. We were up there on Saturday trying to find some Crappies. This was our first winter trip to that area so were not real familiar with the areas that we should be targeting for winter crappie. So, it was more of an exploratory trip more than anything. Travel was good. Snow was hard - very hard in some areas but I would expect that would change with the weather we have been having. We did not locate the crappies but had a great time. Travel should not be an issue - enough snow so snowmobiles will be needed even with a good melt. No signs of slush or areas that would be problematic. We went
  6. I just bought one for $ 425.00 from Dick's Sporting Goods. If I were in the market for a used one $ 350.00 would be the price that I would pay for used.
  7. Anyone use heated socks during the winter? If so, any brand or type that you would recommend? Thanks Lyle
  8. A number of us are looking for a guide in the Sioux Narrows region. We would like to hire and experienced guide to get us on and off the ice safely in late January. We have our own sleds and gear - need someone with experience in the area to keep us out of danger areas. We have a pretty good idea of where we want to fish - we just need to get there safely and back off the ice again. Any recommendations would be welcome. Thanks
  9. We typically stay at the Tomahawk Resort if we are there for more than a few days. On shorter trips Crystal Harbor Motel is a good option. It is fairly short boat ride from the Tomahawk or Crystal Harbor Motel to the fishing spots. Other options would include Vic and Dot's on the south end of WFB - all depends upon how long you are planning on staying up there.
  10. We have been in WFB for the past 2 weekends. Most fish were caught in the 30 - 35 foot range trolling Rapala Taildancers. The bite has been very good - fishing humps and points has produced the best. Fish seem to be fairly spread out so it is a bit of a run and gun routine. Catch a few at each spot then move on.
  11. Anyone have an update on the status of the ice out on Whitefish Bay? Thanks
  12. The resort may havve been Vic and Dots - they are located on the south end of Whitefish Bay.
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