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  1. Thanks jpz. Are they like a morel where they will grow in the same areas every year?
  2. Any help on these? I've never tried looking for chants before and found these while putting out some new trail cams.
  3. hartner62

    Water in my finished basement

    Lift the carpet and throw away the wet pad. The carpet should be fine if it hasn't been sitting too long and you will know if it has if it is delaminating. It's best to get fans that you can prop up to blow air under the carpet and to get a dehumidifier going as we'll. the faster you can get it dry the more likely you will be able to save the carpet. Most rental places have air movers that you can rent but many are already sold out.
  4. It was very good! We just had our 4 child last week so I was lucky that I even got out to the bow stand and it was growing on a tree near by. The pic doesn't do the size justice. It was about 10 inches tall and 8-9" wide along with about 6 other "brains" that I picked off the tree. What is the best way to save them for later? Fry and freeze?
  5. I decided to give it a try and it didn't taste bad at all. In fact, my father in-law wants to try and find more. I've never had chicken of the woods before but I'm 99% sure that's what it was. I'm still here typing so what ever it is it isn't deadly.
  6. Nobody beat me there, I'm sure of that. Could it be that it isn't fully developed yet?
  7. Is this a chicken? It was growing on a elm.
  8. hartner62


    Most likely they will give you a check for actual cash value (acv) of the damaged siding etc..and if you submit receipts or a signed contract to have the work completed they will give you another check for the replacement cost value (rcv). Most companies require you to complete the work in 2 years to recover the rcv.
  9. hartner62

    window replacement advice

    I'm a Pm for a restoration company and I suggest Marvin to all my customers. In my opinion they stand behind their product better than the others mentioned. Also, just make sure you submit the prices of the windows prior to purchasing them and you shouldn't have a problem getting reimbursed.
  10. hartner62

    Window question

    It looks like it could be a Hayfield window? If it is I think I paid around $220 for the window for a customer of mine.
  11. hartner62

    Youth Bow?

    I think that is what I will end up doing. Thanks for the tip.
  12. hartner62

    Youth Bow?

    So, my 6 y/o has taken an interest in bow hunting and has been practicing with the one that she made at home. Where is a good place that I can take her so that she can try out some youth models with the intent on purchasing one? I'd prefer not to go broke on a youth bow so please keep that in mind. Any help is appreciated.
  13. hartner62

    Finishing a Basement

    100% base first then carpet.
  14. hartner62

    Kleinsasser Ice Rod

    Looks great! If you need help getting it to him let me know.