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  1. Alphid

    No more snapping trolling motor ropes........

    what are you using to connect it to the trolling motor? I have a motorguide and it is a bear to get at the actual not connecting it to the trolling motor. we are always doing a uni-knot to get the two lines to connect. great idea
  2. Alphid

    zumbra, lotus, steiger, and ann

    I am planning on getting out bass fishing tomorrow, first time in a while, and with the wind that is expect we are thinking about a smaller lake on the west side. The lakes that we are thinking about are: zumbra, lotus, steiger, and ann. Has anyone been out to any of these lakes recently and can give me an updated on how the bite was and the temps that you found with the water? I have fished ann and zumbra before, with some success, but not the other too. If you have any tips you would like to share all the better. The plan was to get out on Calhoun but with the forecasted weather, I think a smaller lake will treat us better. Thanks, A
  3. Alphid

    Any Bass Reports from Chisago/S. Lindstrom

    I didn't get out last weekend as some chores came up. I will post when I get out. thanks for the replies
  4. Alphid

    Any Bass Reports from Chisago/S. Lindstrom

    thanks for the quick response, did you have any luck out there? This weekend appears to be a very hot one
  5. I'm thinknig about hitting Chisago/S. Lindstrom this weekend and wondering if anyone has been out there recently? What's the water clarity like, has the alge bloom happen? Thanks!~
  6. Alphid

    Waconia Question

    The water clarity has improved to early summer conditions. ~2 ft visability. The fish are getting aggressive out there and fat. Good luck
  7. Alphid

    Waconia Bass

    Thanks for the help. I ended up going to Minnewashka with the wind that we had. Got into some nice fish but no schools. I wish I would have gone to Waconia....
  8. Alphid

    Waconia Bass

    What baits where working for you? What is the water visibility out there? I am thinking about getting out there tonight after work. Thanks (Contact Us Please)
  9. Alphid

    Lake Wabauskang--Canada

    yes that is the lake. Thanks
  10. I will be up to Lake Wabauskang in Northwest Ontario at the end of this month and am wondering if anyone has ever fished it? getting really excited about getting away for a week with no phone, computer, or any other electronic (except the depthfinder). Thanks,
  11. Alphid

    Ike loses Ranger as a sponsor?

    I will put my money on Ike fishing in the FLW next year instead of BASS. The ESPN/BASS dump is getting to be too much about money and sponsorship and less about the fishing.
  12. Alphid


    BPS's senkos are called 'stick-o'. They work great! You can ussualy get a case for ~$25 (~100 baits)
  13. Alphid

    Advice on going to the DNR?

    Give me this guy's name and address because these seem like really good spots to fish. And yes, I am serious.