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  1. Weve had moderate success ,havent been there in 2yrs but it was ok,if there were new birds present.mix bag of ringos redhead bluebills and a few cans.as for the survey.yes they do.they have a plane to go up and survey...30-06? Wow ok haha.pretty big lake to conduct that type of method,not to mention moronic
  2. norwall

    oil change

    how many miles would ya all go in between oil changes using the valvoline max life syn blend ?
  3. norwall

    oil change

    i went with Valv max life syn blend
  4. norwall

    oil change

    yes 4.7 every 5k preferably as I mostly drive hwy miles
  5. norwall

    oil change

    hi, i just got a 07 durango with 83k and need a oil change, any suggestions? ive been told go with syn blend? or do i go full syn or just stay with whats in it valvoline conventional. Thanks
  6. do ya breast the goldeneyes out or pluck them?
  7. i seen this small lake/pond in this small township near clear lake in le center but never see anyone on it. Looks decent ,lots of weeds etc
  8. thanks for the feedback sifty, could ya give me some more info or point me in the right direction perhaps. Any info is appreciated. what 2 lakes ? i drive to chaska along the river daily at 7am and 4pm and dont see hardly much. Like I said we just moved here so im green to the area ,but would like to try it. I know guys do the river thing, but aside fr that.I was just wondering what else is productive in BP.Ive seen some public land too i guess
  9. anyone familar with the belle plaine area, Im new to the area, and was interested in hearing fr someone who hunts around here
  10. swans were moving thru belle plaine yesterday, MN river still open, heard a few reports that goose lake in AL was holdin birds too
  11. seen more good numbers of mallards and dark geese near carver off the Mn river this morning.surprising to see to say the least being its nov i mean Dec29 wonder if harvy lee or dan z have seen any in ther neck of the woods
  12. norwall

    Goose Call?

    wood cocabola
  13. i didnt see 1000s but i did see what looked like 100 0r so off the river in a corn feild near belle plaine not sure if they were of the local river type or part of this late migration you speak of..... where would you say they were migrating from ? just curious to see what peoples assumptions are
  14. well said de chise, i couldnt agree more. On the Arkansas thing,Im very tempted to do that. At one point I seen more swans and coots than ducks around. Id probally have more success if i was umemployeed though ,as id be able to get 30-35 days in
  15. I could care less about the fresh crisp air and sunrise,I hate being cold anyhow,However I do like to shoot ducks and geese and whatever else flies and moves. Good old days are longgone and dried up just like the tiled feilds of MN. Hopefully progress dosnt reach the Dakotas anytime in the near future. I only make it out a few times a yr now due to other responsibilties but IF there were more ducks maybe I would try harder,Yeah yeah or if I was umemployeed maybe I could scout day and nite and find the "x" and blow my horn how its real good ya just gotta know where to be