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  1. I'm surprised i have never heard of them before. I know i have said this before, but i am a fan of most genre's of music. Reminds me a bit of Langhorne slim, or maybe Charlie Parr. Either way, thanks for the suggestion. In other news, I returned Thursday night from a week in Mexico. Its hard to complain about the weather there, but it was cloudy and breezy the first couple of days. It did warm up, but the wind never let up. I had booked two scuba dives while we were there, but only ended up using one. I ended up getting motion sickness, and couldn't talk myself into going back out there.
  2. I figured that's what the snowmobile was that pulled up to your guy's house Saturday night. They never checked me, I wonder if boar was part of a sting operation?? I also have to say that jerky was delicious, boar was gracious enough to send some home with us, and it didn't last long. Much better than the marshmallow vodka he was passing around!
  3. Got the New Peterbilt hat on, NIce!!
  4. The longer, the better, but they should still be ready to go by the weekend!
  5. My wife wont allow them when we are confined to the fish house for long periods of time!!
  6. I got Don Williams playing ifin you two need a lesson in good old country music!! And 5 fish in the bucket!!
  7. I have to thank you LL, you always make laugh at least once a day! It is a beautiful morning here in the big city of Moorhead, No wind, and clear sky's!!! The temp in my truck claims its -4, but it sure feels a lot warmer than that. Working for a few hours this morning, then headed to Red lake for the weekend. Looks like there may be a little wind tomorrow, but ill take that after the last two weekends!!
  8. That's pretty good, except you forgot "to your mother" at the end, but other than that, that's quite a talent you have. You should start your own thread on here with some rap insight for those of us less fortunate!!
  9. Man, you and boar must be related somehow, that was the same thing he said a while back when I mentioned John Prine!! I have a little bit of everything in my music collection, from Don Williams to Metallica! I like it all, except r&b and rap. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=O6MbPWzIFUk
  10. I suppose I could ref this whole mess you started LL, on second thought never mind, I'll be to busy catching fish, drinking beer, and blasting Don Williams!!
  11. I had to buy the last three pickled gizzards at Wahoo Valley north of Staples for mine. It was a win/win situation in my mind!! My wife was not nearly as thrilled as I was!!
  12. Curley's old fashioned wieners are one of my favorites! They are a must make every year for sausage fest!! And let me clarify, sausage fest is not what it sounds like, every year usually the end of march/first part of April, the guys that I hunt with, and girls, get together for a weekend of sausage making, while watching the NCAA college hockey tourny's. There are usually a few drinks involved. Good times!!
  13. Looks good! i love maple sausage! May have to give this a whirl.
  14. Hope they turn out for you!! The Hot mix is a tough one to find. I have bought it locally at Hornbachers. I'm sure they will be delicious either way!!
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