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  1. I have 1990 75 hp Mercury my question is I can prime it when I first start to go but when the motor is tilted up for any length of time it loses it prime is there anything that can be done or does that mean the carbs have to be rebuilt? Another question is when its cold out like 50 and below the motor has a "hiccup" is there anything that can be done about that? Big Fish Hunter247
  2. Dont go with the PVC pipe the slightest little bit of wind will blow it over even if it is ancored down. My dad built on for his boat screwed all the pipe together it looked like it was really gonna hold up but about a month or so later the got some lightning and some strong winds and it just layed it over and broke the PVC so it isnt worth the time and effort to build one. Big Fish Hunter247
  3. The way look at it is homeowners should quit fertlizeing their lawns its a waste of money when it rains it just washes down into the lake and it makes the weeds grow better in the lake. If they want their grass and other things to grow better just take water out of the lake its already got the things to make your grass grow. That's just the way I would do it if I was a lakeshore owner
  4. I found how it goes back together but how do you get the spring to coil up small enough to get it back in its holder? i cant seem to get it small enough any tricks? Big Fish Hunter247
  5. On the inside of the recoil does anybody know how it goes back together? the spring came un done im not sure how its my cousins motor. Can anybody show me a picture of how the spring goes back together? Big Fish Hunter247
  6. That makes sense I will see if there are any open wires in the shifter
  7. I have a 1990 75hp Mercury My question is at WOP it will blow the fuse for the T&T but its fine any other time what could my problem be? If it makes a difference I put a set of hydrofins on it and it never poped the fuse Big Fishhunter247
  8. How are you supposed to drain the water from the impeller on your motor? Running the motor without water will damage the impeller won't it?
  9. I will check if it is dented I'm not sure I can give it a shot to see if it will stall my driveway is kind of steep so I will give it a shot
  10. I can run the tank till it says empty on the gauge its just when I shut it off is the problem anytime under a quarter tank
  11. I have a 1997 Chevy Lumina here is my problem if I let the gas tank go any lower than a quarter tank and I park it at an kind of angle other than level it won't start? What's the deal
  12. my 09 Grizzly 700 is in right now for the recall
  13. Wouldnt no thermostat mean wide open flow and constant cooling?
  14. thanks boatfixer I didnt even know there was a thermostat
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