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    gunner55 reacted to bobberineyes in What's on the grill   
    Dang, and here I thought I was off a little with a peanut butter fried egg sammich... 😆
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    gunner55 reacted to Cicada in Our cosmic visitor...NEOWISE   
    Heard about a comet visiting our night skies and decided to take a shot at it.  Set the alarm for 3:00 am (obscene)  got gas and headed out to some high ground thinking it wouldn't be up yet.  I read it was supposed to rise about an hour before sunrise.  It was already fairly high in the sky.  Got a few shots before the sun bleached it out.  I am looking forward to another clear night to give it another go.  I have spots with better foreground ideas.  The way our society behaves these days, I liked the "Keep Out" sign.

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    gunner55 reacted to Driftless in A Door To The Past   
    A Door To The Past 
    This spring Gary Peters and I took out a camera crew from Discover Wisconsin to chase trout.  I got to Gary's house early and we talked a while. Gary was sporting a very unique flannel shirt.  He told me he was gifted it by a friend.  It was a vintage Woolrich Chamois Flannel. I admired it and asked what size it was.  I felt it and was impressed by the thickness and how supple it was. He guessed it was about 35 years old.   Gary's vintage shirt was what stuck with me the most from the outing.  I could not put my finger on what it was.
    I decided I must find a shirt like Gary's in my size.  Two weeks later it came in the mail.  I found it on hsolist and it costed less then 20 bucks with postage. As I opened the package and admired it a long dormant memory from my childhood peaked through a door from the past.

    I was in Reber's Gas Station and I was seven years old again. Reber's was where all of my Dad's outdoors friends met there on Sunday mornings to tell tales about their outdoor conquests.  The tales varied from pheasant hunting to trout fishing.  Some of the tellers of tales wore their newest jackets or flannels. It was kind of a men's fashion show in the 1960s there at Reber's.  I can't remember which one of the guys had on a new Woolrich flannel shirt but there was one and all of the crew there wowed and coveted the prized Chamois Flannel.

    The crew broke up typically after church was over.  They went to pick up their children and wives at the church. I can remember talking to my dad about that flannel shirt and he told that he spent his extra money on family and actual hunting and fishing gear.  My dad typically wore a dickey's work shirt.  It had no bling like the Woolrich.  There were six children in our family.  My dad hunted and fished to put food on the table. He could not afford the fancy fashion shows at the gas station.  My mom use to kid dad that he only produced so many kids so he would eventually have at least one to take with him so he could get twice the fish and another deer and more pheasants.  My mom was not kidding.

    My dad's plans did not come to fruition because he left the earth at age 40 when he was up north deer hunting with his brother. My dad died of a heart attack.  My mother was left to raise six children by herself. I remember the first Christmas after my dad died.  I got sox and underwear. Looking back on those days my mother did one heck of a job keeping all of us in clothing and feeding us.

    That flannel Gary was sporting while we fished opened that door to the past.  For years I was envious of all of the other kids I went to school with. Getting necessities for Christmas instead of presents a kid with a dad who was a lover of the outdoors got was hard to tolerate.

    I did not even realize I was influenced by my past so much. I am retired these days and my wife still works.  Our one daughter is an adult and works and has her own money.  I use to fish and hunt.  I was a fanatic I admit it.  My wife and daughter will not eat anything I hunted.  I sold my guns 15 years ago.  Hunting just to kill or horn hunt was not what my dad had taught me hunting was about. I even donated my venison to local food bank for a couple years.  I hung up my bow and deer rifle.  I still am a fishing maniac.  I love my good gear.

    I would like to step back in time and open that door to the past and sit in my dad's chair in Reber's Station on Sunday mornings and sport my Woolrich.  I am still a fanatic about outdoor gear.  I could buy new flannel shirts but there is something about the older Woolrich. Woolrich has changed hands and does not make the outdoor related theme shirts anymore.  My wife asked me if I am done every time a vintage Woolrich shirt is in the mailbox that I purchased on hsolist.  I believe I am done.

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    gunner55 reacted to SledNeck in WOW....Actual Fishing Talk   
    I use fireline on a my rods for over 20 years. 20# on walleye rods. I will never go back to mono. It lasts years if you don't lose any line. If it starts getting beat up you can spool it to another rod (inside out) and it's like brand new again.
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    gunner55 reacted to Big Dave2 in Sunnies   
    How would you know?
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    gunner55 reacted to Nick Kuhn in Vikings 2019   
    Tons of holes now to fill. A good haul for Diggs helps, but we need to bring in some free agents or make some player acquisitions in trades.
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    gunner55 reacted to MN BassFisher in LOTW Personal Best Walleye!   
    A group of high school buddies and some of their family make an Annual trip up to Baudette, MN to fish Walleyes on Lake of the Woods. I look forward to this trip each year! Since this is an Annual Trip we all put some money and bragging rights on the line for the Angler who can catch the biggest fish of the weekend, take home the Trophy, $400 Cash and call themselves "Mr. Walleye" for the next 365 days. Watch the first full day of fishing out of Ballards Resort and see 2 new PB's!
  8. Thanks
    gunner55 got a reaction from Rick in Bourbon and Whiskey   
    Had to dust off a bottle of Beam Black a while back & most of that went down neat. Most of my Beam regular is done with water or on the rocks. Some Coke ,Dr. Pepper in there now & then. Had some Makers regular & liked that too. Like Opie said a lot of different ones out there & you don't know until you try it. Boones Farm brings back another name from the early years for me, Annie Green Springs, I think it was 
  9. Yayyyy
    gunner55 reacted to Hawg in Wheel house bathroom question - separate exterior door?   
    Side wall vent, putting any hole the roof of a fish house is a bad gamble. Heck, they haven’t even figured out skylights in real houses yet. Wanderer is right about a vent though, it’ll pay for itself in the Fabreeze you won’t need. 🤧
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    gunner55 reacted to Wanderer in HSO get together Big Stone Lake Saturday February 29th   
    I thought Leech was on a break??!!
    Smurfy, if you need small crappies really bad, PM me. 😉
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    gunner55 reacted to rundrave in HSO get together Big Stone Lake Saturday February 29th   
    Just saw this on Facebook. Would love to pull one of these up through the hole in a couple weeks:

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    gunner55 reacted to Tom7227 in Clean up   
    As you leave the ice today or when you pull your perm please take a few minutes and clean up anything that isn't snow or ice.  There's no good reason to leave anything behind and it isn't that time consuming.  Maybe you could even walk the perimeter a bit to see if there's trash that others have left.
    What would be your reaction is someone left all that stuff on your front lawn.
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    gunner55 reacted to papadarv in Fish house battery/generator question   
    I'm not a fan of convection heat. Ceiling and next to heater hot, floor and far corners cold. There are many post on what's the best ceiling or corner fan to move air in convection heated houses. On 12v & A/C power, there are 100 no issue successes to each failure only you seldom hear about NON issues, only hear about a few problems. I've had 2 RV's an 82' and current 95' both with converters, forced air heat, and 3 parallel deep cycle batteries and my current wheel house with maintainer. We showed dogs for 40 years 2 to 3 weekends a month across the U.S. where 75% of weekends were on parking lots or fields with no power. Only ran generator on hot days to keep dogs cool otherwise ran on batteries. Never one had issues with power or converters. With new low power heaters and LED lights available today we could most likely get by with one deep cycle battery.
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    gunner55 reacted to papadarv in Fish house battery/generator question   
    I built a non-sleeper wheel house several years ago. Use two 45ah car batteries in parallel for 90ah, $42 each in an insulated box. I put a 6' heat tape around the batteries. (Green circle) to keep them warm when house is not in use, which is plugged into home AC all winter. I have a 4 amp charger $30 with maintainer (yellow circle) hard wired to the battery. My total battery current draw average is about 2 amps with heater fan and running 25 min per hr. so after a full day fishing I use about 18ah of battery with re-charge time about 4 hours. When running my generator charger covers fill use of current plus 1.5 amp or so of charge to the battery. LED's, computer fans, camera, phone chargers etc. all run on a few milliamps so use very little power. Never had a 12v or battery issue in the 4 years I've had the WH. Simple, inexpensive and effective.

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    gunner55 reacted to Borch in HSO get together Big Stone Lake Saturday February 29th   
    Slow for us yesterday but ended with a bang with 3 gills over 10".  One was 10 1/2" plus but the youngster released it before I could measure it.  Waiting on a pic of that one.

    My 10 1/4 " bull.
    My buddies 10 1/8" on the scale.
    A few eater sunfish and some nice perch but very, very slow.

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    gunner55 reacted to Big Dave2 in Just Food and Drink   
    Bacon burnt ends I made for the Superbowl.
    I put them in the oven for 2 hours at 250 degrees covered with brown sugar and my favorite rub. Then put them in the crock-pot and covered them with a mixture of BBQ sauce, honey and bourbon.  

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    gunner55 reacted to JBMasterAngler in 2020 Twins   
    I like what they’re doing. I’m getting nervous though, I keep hearing Rosario’s name come up as trade bait. Really don’t want to see him go.
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    gunner55 reacted to leech~~ in Cracked Ducer cable repair.   
    Wanted to share this tip.
    My Vex transducer cable developed a crack in the cable right at the head from doing a lot of hole hopping when you just pick up the unit and go from hole to hole with it hanging and swinging. 
    I had the same crack happen in 2 of my Aqua view cam cables where water then seeped in down the cable and into the cam head shorting it out. ☹️
    I bought this Aquaseal wader repair adhesive to try. I cleaned the ducer head and cable really well with alcohol then kept putting small layers from the ducer head up about 5" inches up the cable to build up a nice seal.  I've worked with a lot of adhesives in my job over the years and was a bit skeptical that it would bond and just peel off or re crack? It's been on there now for about 3 years and is working out great.  Bonded very well to the plastic head and rubber cable, flexible and has not re cracked.  Pretty darn happy to have spent $7 bucks instead of having to buy a whole new transducer cable. 👍
    You can see in the picture how much bending it can take, and it real straighten that area.  This should work on any cable like this that has to go in the water.  The next new unit I buy I may just add it right away and not wait for a crack!  Hope it helps someone save some cash! 🙂
    Gear Aid Aquaseal® Wader Repair Adhesive
    Regular Price: 

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    gunner55 reacted to JBMasterAngler in Minnesota Timberwolves   
    I would love to see Wiggins traded! Nobody wants his contract though.
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    gunner55 reacted to H L Jackson in Jigging Rapallas   
    I like them, but  try to use them in the right bottom environments. My favorite jigging lure for Walleye is the Rapala Rippin' Rap #7. Rapala recently came out with a #6 size of the Slab Rap, which I also use quite a bit.Try the UV colors.
    This is my first post guys....glad to be here.
    H L
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    gunner55 reacted to Hawg in Ice house: LED trailer light ground jumpers   
    Yes, but not the best looking and those cheap striplights are closed units so you can’t get into them. If you just take the light off you might find a loose wire if they aren’t behind the tin.  Check the pigtail connections too, and the truck plug and wiring. 
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    gunner55 reacted to Hawg in Ice report, Brainerd area?   
    Whatever you do, don’t just drive across the lake without knowing your safe. Ask the resorts. The lake is getting pretty safe now but I wouldn’t do it and I’ve done some pretty risky ice driving in the past. That slush layer, which is scattered around and not everywhere, is scary when you hit it. 
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    gunner55 reacted to 1968 in Catch Cover Sleeve Cut Height   
    Catch covers http://catchcover.com come with tight fitting lids. I also filled in the dead space underneath them and their frames with expanding foam. There is a 1/2 inch difference between holes so there is a left and right sleeve. Glad I didnt home brew a hatch and bucket system.
    Drilling was done from the back seat. Should be good to almost 2 feet of ice. The auger is easily accessible from in or out. 
    For hole hopping I plan on using the bird with the lakemaster card to lay a path with the car, getting out to drill that path, then hopping without a sleeve. If that is too drafty I might try a 9 inch sleeve that gives a 4 inch gap. 
    Could take all season to dial it in but the maiden voyage had me smiling. 
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    gunner55 reacted to 1968 in Catch Cover Sleeve Cut Height   
    Leech- I will only leave the car running if I'm hole hopping from the drivers seat or for extreme cold. Window icing from the buddy heater will also factor in. The wind and ventilation options of 4 windows kept me completley clear sunday. All windows made excellent use of tbe 5 minutes of mid day sunshine..
    Thanks for the positive feedback. It's been 100% with the guys. Had a gawker at the first fill up. For the most part the women are huh?
    Bring on some more ice! 

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    gunner55 reacted to leech~~ in Catch Cover Sleeve Cut Height   
    Ok, now we're going to have to get more pictures of the inside and out of this Ice fishing rig! 🤔 What do you heat it with, leave the motor running?
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