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  1. Had a good teacher, a real pro at stirring the pot. In fact that's about all he does as he gets paid to do it too.
  2. You buy them or somebody give them to you?
  3. gunner55


    Smurfy, our place is almost exactly 40 miles NW of GR, goin down 46. We stay off 6 & 35 as much as we can this time of year & in this kind of weather. Must be around 18 miles to Marcel for us, 14 east & about 4 north.
  4. Game was postponed ~ 1:00 PM.
  5. I think it'd be hard to convince them of that but your right as that seems to happen a lot in the playoffs. The extra rest could be good for their starters but I'm not so sure about the bats, guess we'll find out.
  6. Looks like the Cardinals are about done. Hope Gerrit Cole does today what Strasburg did last night.
  7. Bet Dozier isn't too mad about getting traded now, not sure how much time he's seeing lately though.
  8. We use ours so we can run the T&T on the boats when we are putting them in or taking them them out of storage & don't have the batteries in too. Almost all the family has 1 in their vehicle & don't really need to use it very much to justify the $.
  9. We've used them for quite a while & a Stanley 1000/500 amp is what we have now. Ours get used quite a bit, not sure how they hold up to getting bounced around though.
  10. Always been kind of a Verlander fan, except when he was with the Tigers & we had to face him a lot. Anybody but the Yankees or the Dodgers in the NL for me.
  11. WS in '08, don't think they had started the "opener" bit yet then. Think they were 1 of the early ones to do all the shifts though. Seen where MLB Network announced today that the Twins have already decided to pick their option on Cruz.
  12. You don't really need a lot of starting pitching to make a playoff run these days though, look at TB. Only 2 real starters but all their pitching was very good as they led the league in ERA for the season. All while having the lowest payroll.
  13. 27 of those 35 K's were in the 1st 2 games so they only put the ball in play for 1 of those. Something they didn't do in the regular season as they were in the top 2 or 3 for fewest K's/9 all season. Granted some of that was because of NY's pitching but they were swinging at a lot of stuff that was more that a little off the plate too.
  14. The '65 team that ran into Koufax & Drysdale in the WS won 102. Pitching was a big part of it IMO but our defense wasn't very good the 1st couple games either. One reason they left some many RISP is that they had 35 K's in the series.
  15. Curious to see what Rocco does with the playoff roster, especially Gibson & the rookie pitchers.
  16. Win # 100 last night & homers #302 & 303 too.
  17. Odorizzi, Gibson, & Rogers got it done on the mound in a 4-2 win. Astudiillo & Rosario had the big hits so the magic # is 2
  18. The young guys pitched well, some timely hitting from Cruz, Sano, & Gonzalez led to a 4-3 win.The lead is 4 games & the magic # is 5.
  19. Crazy game last night! Magic number down to 7 & still up 5 on the Indians.
  20. There's a good chance they won't play tonight as our weather of the last few days looks to have made it out there. Heavy rain predicted at game time.
  21. Not much of a game last night as Gibson didn't have it. They got 7 runs in the 5th & 6th to pull away. A couple more bats starting to warm up though then another 1 injured. On to Cleveland & I'd love to see them win game 1.
  22. There were a couple tough plays in the field behind Perez during their big inning last night that weren't made that easily could've turned that game around. The last couple starts have been pretty good actually IMO but since we started playing these teams with better records & starting pitching the bats have went a little quiet. They need to get those guys setting out healthy & more than 1 or 2 bats knocking the ball around. Even Cruz has been struggling since he came back . I'm starting to like what we've got in the bullpen now.
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