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  1. That's a little over my head there... I have 2 gray wires coming out of the boat, and going into the motor to two little arms on screws... But unless it's under this last piece of subfloor I'll need to rip out... I don't see anywhere to direct connect them, without cutting them. I'll know more on Saturday. Thanks Guys
  2. Yeah I intend to go through it every last inch of the way. I figure it's good to know this stuff on your boat through and through. And when it comes to info, it's better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it! Any tips/insightful links for replacing it, IF it turns out to actually be the T&T pump? Thanks Guys!
  3. Should it turn out to be the TNT motor pump, any recommendations on where would I go to find the replacement parts, for a 50 HP Merc?
  4. So I was on a trip 2 weeks ago, and my Trim and starter kept blinking off... Well actually the trim was acting weak... I could hit the trim switch and it would just make a weak noise and do nothing... Then suddenly it would start getting a little stronger... And the trim would come back on line and trim up the motor. *Also noticed the bilge pump was dead. All fuses were still good. Managed to survive the trip... Got home... Had a lot on my plate. Went to get back to it.... (After a 3 hour tow.) Hooked up the power... Everything acted normal... Trimmed the motor Up (Slipping the transom saver bar loose.) Went to go turn the key just to see if it would POP for a second. I heard a "Click" in the back, and everthing went dead. The only response I could get, was if I hit the trim switch, the gas guage needle would rise from the Half tank that it's at, to a full tank... When I let off the switch, it would go back down! Everything else was dead... All Fuses are still good. Once again I had a lot on my plate... My Buddy said "Hey I can come help you next Saturday." So I left it. Motor was stuck trimmed up, so I couldn't get the Transom saver bar back on. Pulled the power on the battery and went about my other concerns. Got up the next morning, and I noticed that the motor was trimmed down! In fact it was almost on the concrete! I quick slipped an old cooler lid under the skeg, and cranked the nose down... It slowly descended over the next couple of hours until it was pressed against the cooler lid. Now I'm stuck with the nose down and the skeg at full down trim. I'm in the process of removing the rear deck... But of course to remove it, I have to remove the gunnel... And to remove the gunnel I have to remove the console... And I haven't quite engineered a method for removing the console with out lugging all 265 pound of me into the boat. (Afraid I'll bounce it and bang the skeg.) Anyone have any insights? I was told by a guy that "The trim Piston is fine, it just didn't have enough power to close the valve again." But I'll be danged if I know anything about the trim piston. *My current running theory is that I have a short in the main power... Which is then jumping the ground into the Gas Guage's Ground. Any insights? Thanks
  5. Woah... Careful with this non-chalant bleach talk there Big Shooter... In the wrong concentrations Bleach and Cat Urine create Chlorate Gas and Heat. (Yes I learned this the hard way.) I would rinse it twice with a hose... Then put 2 table spoons of bleach into a gallon of water.... Spray it down... Wipe it down... Rinse... Then repeat... Spray, wipe, rinse. Between the rinses and the 2 bleach water rinses you should be okay.
  6. I keep a charcoal grill and a camp stove up at my fish house... So it's no different than any other time I go camping. When it comes to just say cooking on the heater. (I have a wood stove.) ... During the fall, I cook soups and stews on Sunday for football... Then I freeze the left overs, and bring one each weekend up to the fish house. Also, I'll bring a cheap can of ravioli up, and just set it on the stove, stirring occasionally. But more often than not... It's chicken wings or steak off the grill for "Supper."
  7. Also, Rock salt is ineffective below 18 degrees... So it would have to happen before the cold snap... And then shovel up the contaminated area. Isoporpyl alcohol would help... But it's a spendy solution, and again looking at contamination... ****** Going to have to set the heater on high for like 2 days, a blow torch and chisel, chisel, chisel. ***** My house was frozen in 3 inches on skirting... 5 inches on the wheels... Took 2 hours of pain in the butt chiseling after a day of heating... But we got her.
  8. I have a wood stove in my perm for heat... So I actually have an old giant metal mail box that I keep the ash from that in... And then I also put the ash from my weber in there. (Kind of nice because once I get done grilling I put the half burned charcoal in the wood stove!) If you're looking for a natural way to handle it... Lump will be your best option... But heat control, especially in the MN winter is tougher with lump... So I use a mix of 66% Lump and 33% briquettes... I start it with crumpled newspaper that has been impregnated with 2-3 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Then just put the left over ash in an old coffee can.
  9. I have a wood stove in mine... When you measure out the price compared to propane... The wood stove paid for itself in the first winter... Now I just cut a half cord of oak each spring, let it dry and we're all good to go in the winter... Free heating... Never freezes up... Don't get all that over humid air steaming up the place. (Though we do simmer water into the air.) And since wood is already part of the natural cycle (It's going up into the atmosphere if it rots on the forest floor or if I burn it.) I'm also heating my fish house "Carbon Neutral."
  10. Not to mention that the faster you drive on an ice road the faster you start ageing that ice road... It can only take so much deformation and healing... And that just keeps getting more and more true the longer the season gets.
  11. The pattern that kills the bite is Low Pressure Storm... Which is replaced the next day with High Pressure, blue skies and wind.
  12. Has anyone tried one of those Presto Rotating Pizza Light thingys hooked to an inverter? I have a charcoal grill that I keep in the fish house... Don't know if that will do the trick, or smoke the pizza up???
  13. My buddy and I debated that for a long time... And then went wood... The final selling point was that once the stove paid for itself (Which it has) I'm basically heating for free... I mean I cut down 1 tree, and then scrap wood from my wood shop and it heats us for an entire winter... My other friend who has a propane heater went through 250 pounds of propane last winter, to the tune of about $230... That's an extra $230 going to help buy an H20... Or $230 going into a college fund... Or an extra truck payment. As for time spent starting a stove, and loading wood... In grand total... It's not much different than the time lost when that low tank peters out on pressure when it's 2:00 am and -20 outside. Or that regulator buys the farm for some reason.
  14. I have a wood stove in my fish house... It cost me $3.17 in gas for the chainsaw and 3 hours of work, logging, splitting and stacking to heat my fish house for the entire winter season.
  15. Well you're probably at the point where you're no longer a "Novice" in the weight room... But you haven't put the effort in to strengthen up your body knowledge. I could give you a full treatise on the proper way to build a workout program that in my case has built 70 pounds of muscle in 7 years... But it would take over this thread and 20 more... And I strongly encourage you to find a body building HSOforum/forum and seek the next level of knowledge. Basic rules of thumb... Volume: 12 sets per body part per week Pace: 2-3 mins between sets... Each rep should be the same speed on the negative as the positive. Diet: Protein 1 gram per pound of body weight per day Rest: 8 hours of sleep, 2 days off per week... And a complete rest week every 10-12 weeks. And remember that connective tissue takes longer to heal than muscle... So just because the muscle is recovered... Doesn't mean the tendons and ligaments are also recovered...
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