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  1. MuskieMojoTackle

    Stopping tip up spools from spinning?

    tape has always worked for me. I have used JB Weld on a couple too
  2. MuskieMojoTackle

    ice cleats

    Khatoola Microspikes are the best I have used.
  3. MuskieMojoTackle

    Sleeping in a Pop Up Shack?

    yep. slept in my Command Post on URL a couple years back. Subzero temps and high winds. with the big buddy and decent sleeping bags it was great. Slept in it bow hunting at Camp Ripley last year too. it got tight in there with three cots, but you can do it
  4. MuskieMojoTackle

    Daiwa Saltist

    It's definitely not EASY to burn the blades with these reels. The high gear ratio on the reels makes it fairly hard to turn the crank at a high speed. The benefit of the high gear ratio is that you can crank at a medium pace while still smoking that tail along
  5. MuskieMojoTackle

    How much do pike relate to muskies

    Active hammerhandles generally tell me the muskies are not there or are not eating. I will leave the area. Active larger pike do not deter me
  6. MuskieMojoTackle

    3/0 mustad long shank hooks. Too small???

    what model are they? I use Mustad 3/0 model M35656BR on the Weagle and Wabull...plenty of big fish caught on those baits. If that is the model, I would not worry about them at all...depending on what bait you put them on obviously
  7. MuskieMojoTackle

    9 foot + rods

    Love 'em. Been using them for the last two years. Think I have 4 or 5 that are over 9'. I'm to the point that 8'6" even seems a little short to me. The longest is a shade over 9'8" that will throw anything in the box.
  8. MuskieMojoTackle


    I would say the exact opposite is true. Without the added resistance of the levelwind on the line I can really bomb cast with my Trinidad. Once you get a little more practice, I bet you'll experience the same
  9. MuskieMojoTackle


    That smallie was supposed to be 26". Caught off a dock out of season...would have been some kind of record had it been legal
  10. MuskieMojoTackle

    What is a Quick-Strike Rig?

    After some reading, it appears that my quickstrike is made in the image of the ones from BigTooth Tackle. Maybe I did see them before, and they inspired me? Who knows...either way, that rig is the best I have found for fishing with deadbait. For live bait, I am still just using a single treble or a circle hook.
  11. MuskieMojoTackle

    Anyone catch Larry Dahlberg this weekend?

    He did a show on kite fishing for muskies a few years ago. He did very well on them. I love that show. He lives the life I want. Traveling around chasing the biggest fish that swim
  12. MuskieMojoTackle

    MN Expo

    I'll be there with the Muskie Mojo booth again. Gonna have some cool new custom colors in all the baits.
  13. MuskieMojoTackle

    Weighting a Sledge

    yep. I think Pete Maina first started this with Jakes. Gives them some weight and a real erratic action. Never done it myself.
  14. MuskieMojoTackle

    Weighting a Sledge

    I would be leary of weighting a jerkbait with oil. The oil sloshing back and forth will give you a very unpredictable action. That could be very good, but if you are trying to duplicate the action of a weighted Sledge I don't believe that will do the trick. If bell sinkers of solder on the hooks don't give you what you are after and you wanna get serious you could use some expandable foam and some egg sinkers or the screw in weight system. Drill a couple holes and fill the bait with expandable foam. Then play with weight position until you get the action you are after. Once you have the right location(s) secure the weights in place. Tinkering is a lot of fun, but in this case I think I'd buy another bait.
  15. MuskieMojoTackle

    Shimano Torium

    They are around 32" inches per crank