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  1. Some more of the Bald Eagles Ive been watching on the river. There are 3 nests in a 12 mile stretch.
  2. This is a single shot, 20 Minute exposure F3.5 and ISO 100 at 10mm. Took last week one night. I think maybe Sunday I cant remember exactaly as I was out multiple nights last weekend. I know there are better ways to shoot star trails than a single image but it was the last remenants of a Aurora show
  3. If you want to try another brand, there is a new one out called the VU SION. These guys are glass, and have a 5 year warranty and are very reasonable.
  4. Been watching a Pair of Majestic Beauties for a while now. They are putting on quite a show. See for your self. CC Welcome. All Shot with Canon 70D, 100-400L and handheld. These are from 3 different Days this week. One of my Favorites:
  5. Paul

    Pine Grosbeak from the Bog

    This one has been hanging out at the visitor center and if you wait paitently when it is quiet around she will come to the feeders but stop on this tree to show off first. we missed the ggo this year. I did have luck last year with all 3 owls. GGO, Northern Hawk Owl, and Snowy.
  6. Leech to Answer your question, most of my shots are 1 and done, sometimes a an extra 2-3 to get the exposures correct. How ever on some of my more difficult shots, such as long exposure shots, or night shots, I may have 10-12 images before i get the right one. in 2 days of shooting I shot about 600 shots. about 90 of them are stacked images for HDR, so that leaves roughly 500 images and out of those 500, I found that I am satisfied with well 75%. so 350 usuable images. Now if I was doing a shoot in ideal conditions, say a studio or maybe a church wedding, my percentage would be probably much higher dpending on if I can keep everyone looking in the right direction, and smiling. It all depends. I can guarantee, most people on here have plenty of images, Myself included that end up in the recycle bin. (though I will save most of them too, because I may be able to use parts of them in a composite image later.
  7. Its been a while since I have posted here. SO I thought I would change that. Got this beauty at the Bog Saturday. CC welcome
  8. Here are a couple of my highlights: As Always CC is welcome (as long as you don't hurt my feelings. LOL)
  9. Paul

    My Faves of 2014

    Love it some great shots there.
  10. Heading to the Bog on Friday Night-Sun. Anyone been there lately give a guy any reports? Paul
  11. Paul

    Mr Spider

    Yuck, Hate SPiders. Cool shot though.
  12. Paul


    Here is a refelction from the curb in front of my house
  13. Thanks Guys. Dan that Waterfall Shot was a bit of a challenge as I was standing next to 42 other photographers on a field trip. Made Timing a challenge.
  14. Been busy last couple weeks, so here are some results.