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  1. mnmarlin

    Chev transmission issue.

    As stated below its the torque converter apply valve in the transmission. Its a steel valve in an aluminum bore, and it will ear and leak after a while, resulting in lower fluid pressure to the converter lockup, then the converter slips and the ecm will raise the line pressure resulting in the extremely hard shifts. There is a kit available (I don't remember the name of the company off hand) that sleeves the aluminum bore, or the valve body can be replaced. Common issue on the 4l60E transmission. Having a good shop fix the valve shouldn't be too expensive, maybe a couple hundred at most.
  2. mnmarlin

    15 hp Johnson with a 9.9 carb, any advise?

    Sorry but after that length of time, I wouldn't expect much out of the selling dealer. I'd check around on the evilbay and the used outboard engine place in the cities for a replacement carb. I'd replace the coil pack with a known good one, seen and heard of this type of problem many times - ignition components test good, but still runs bad fouls plugs, new coil often solves the issue. Good luck!
  3. mnmarlin

    25 HP Evinrude/14' Lund Prop Questions

    I have a similar boat (87 Lund S-16 DLX with a floor, and an added bow casting deck) and same motor 86 25 hp Evinrude and run a 10 x 13 prop. The motor has been run HARD, and has low compression (110 lbs) but it will easily plane the boat with 3 people in it, and will actually plane with 4 big adults in it reasonably well. I have two batteries in the boat also. I would make sure the motor is running as well as it can (is it running on both cylinders all the time?) before changing the prop unless the prop is really bad.
  4. mnmarlin

    Grizzly or Kodiak

    I thought the same thing - whats with no recoil starter? Until I tried to start my 660 Grizzly with the recoil starter, Wow, there's a LOT of compression. I don't think I could start it when it's cold using the recoil.
  5. mnmarlin

    What the? Bass?

    I finally got out for a couple hours on the ice today. Minutes after setting up I caught a couple perch. Finally had a free minute to get the Aquaview down the hole. Had a great time watching bass after bass swim by. A few would look at my offering but most just did their best impression of a submarine. A couple actually grabbed the plastic I tipped my jig with, but wouldn't inhale it far enough to get the hook in their mouth. If I didn't have my camera I wouldn't have known there were any fish down there. Made for a fun afternoon!
  6. mnmarlin

    Gulp waxies - waste of time

    I love the Gulp Alive Waxies, I haven't bought any live bait for panfish in 3 years. The kids and I catch more fish with the Gulp than with live bait - sometimes due to the fact that it lasts a lot longer than pieces of worm. I do find that in the early season the fish are a little slow to take it.
  7. mnmarlin

    ATV snow plow users come on in.....

    I plow my driveway with an 02 660 Grizzly and it works fine. I only use chains later in the year if there is a lot of built up ice, they really help. I use low gear, mostly to keep the rpm's up to keep the battery charged - cold weather starting, lights, and lots of winch use tend to drain the battery. I agree that most wheelers will have more power than traction.
  8. The Lund Fisherman series or a Lund Tyee would be perfect. I know that Crestliner and Alumacraft build comparable models which would be good also. In my OPINION, if you intend on doing any amount of tubing or waterskiing, go with a big two stroke (Optimax, HPDI, or Etec, and yes you can get them on a Lund) they are MUCH better out of the hole than the 4 strokes, with the possible exception of a Mercury Verado. And as others have posted, go with as close to the max HP as you can afford. You can always slow down with a big motor, but you can't speed up an under powered rig. There are lots of people that have bought 1700 or 1750 Lund Fisherman with 115hp engines on them, they work but you won't waterski behind them. Understand that owning a boat is expensive and there are no shortcuts or cheap ways to good performance. Do your homework so that YOU decide what you want, not the dealer, and you will be much happier with your purchase.
  9. This has to be the slowest opener I've seen. Hardly any activity - only about 15 trucks/trailers at the access on Ottertail, West Battle access on the east side was EMPTY! On Opening weekend? Whats up with that? Economy that bad? Mothers day conflict? Just seems like a general lack of activity around town too.
  10. mnmarlin

    Grizzly 660 owners I have a question for you........

    Perfectly normal, the belt clutch is always engaged, the centrifugal clutch always the motor to idle. When in park or neutral and revving the engine, what you are hearing is the belt clutches working, allowing the belt to move up and down varying the ratio. The transmission and engine use the same oil. It does have a front differential and rear gear box also, both having their own gear oil. Have fun with your new wheeler!
  11. mnmarlin

    2009 Favorite Aluminum Boat Poll

    They don't, I believe their aluminum product is made by Crestliner, with Triton brandind.
  12. mnmarlin

    1st sonar

    I bought an Eagle 320 last summer, I really like the unit. For me, it works as well as an Lowrance X-135 or the 520's (no GPS though but I have an Ifinder H20). Not quite as feature rich as the others, but I would rather fish than play with the depth finder. As far as color, I really don't see what color does that the grayscale doesn't. mnmarlin
  13. mnmarlin

    Target Motor??

    GM replacement engine, as others have said. I bought an 82 Chevy 1/2 ton with a new GM Goodwrench 305 in it. It's been a great motor, I have abused the living heck out of it(ran it out of oil, overheated to the point it siezed, etc), sold it to my nephew and it still runs. The rest of the truck is well past worn out (its on its 4th transmission), but the motor still runs good.
  14. I bought my kids an 83 Suzuki LT-125 4 wheeler, $500, much less than the Taiwan and Chinese [PoorWordUsage] out there, and parts are available! Boy are parts available. Good shape for something 25 years old. Started and ran great at the guys house. Went to pick it up a week later and had a hard time starting it, finally started and ran perfect. Get it home, kids put 10 miles on it in the yard. Ran fine. Next couple times they ride it starts and runs fine. About the 5th time it starts to blubber and load up at idle and any time your off the throttle. Turns out fuel pump diaphragm has a hole. No biggie, bought a generic Mikuni pump, ($50 cheaper than an oem still was $25)off the internet. Fixed it right up. Now the primer diaphragm is falling apart, which plugs up the needle and then the fuel runs out the overflow. Again, not a big deal, but its another $35 for that diaphragm. Geez, you'd think this thing was a 1971 snowmobile- ride it for an hour, mess with it for 2!! Ethanol sucks! I'm not too upset, just frustrating for the kids, everytime they want to ride it seems like dad has to spend 20 minutes cleaning the carb! Still happy I didn't buy a chinese quad! Part of my frustration was that the previous owner just had paid $75 to have the carb "gone through". Sure, I believe that he paid for the service, just don't believe the mechanic did anything. Anyway, after the fuel pump, primer, a new float, and a carb kit, it runs great. Still less than $600, and its teaching the kids some responsibility (if you can start it.. you can ride it, you pay for the gas and some of the parts, when and how to use the primer and choke - not much use any more!) Thanks for letting me vent.
  15. mnmarlin

    07' Lund Pro-V IFS Driver Pedestal Replacement

    Doesn't Lund cover this under warranty? If I'm not mistake Lund uses Swivl-Ez pedestals now. mnmarlin