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  1. mojoputter

    Senkos - t vs w

    I fish'em wacky rigged a lot when I'm fishing shallow or skipping docks, weighted or weightless. Last Sunday the color was chartreuse, I used to fish them more t-rigged but have favored wacky style the last couple of years.
  2. mojoputter

    Bass clubs

    Central Mn Bass club is fishing Goose, Waverly, Big Birch, Mississippi and Knife. Were always looking for a few extra fishing people, hoping to have around 15 boats. Centralmnbass.com
  3. mojoputter

    One that didn't get away

    This is Walter, the fish that is. The little boy is Owen my nephews son. I took Owen and my son kyler on a fishing excursion and as the boys were plopping their plastic worms into the weeds along the shores of Dead lake, I told Owen about Walter living under the dock we were coming up to. Well after his first cast at said dock came up empty, the second one had a little weight on it and Walter took off past the boat and promptly spit the hook out, but Owen wasn't giving up and threw that worm in the direction ol'Walter was going and I'll be darned if Walter grabbed it again and the fight was on. This time we knew we had him hooked, he went from the back of the boat to the front and Owen was holding on for dear life with his 5 foot rod and 6lb test. I think they both posed very nicely for the picture. Walter was promptly returned to his home to be caught another day.
  4. mojoputter

    GPS always on..?

    Just hooked up a new depth finder with gps. A buddy of mine tells me that I need to remember to unplug the power from the depth finder when the boats sitting in the garage because the gps is still on when its plugged in but turned off, and this can drain the battery. I told him he's full of SHEET but he swears by it. Has anyone heard of such nonsense..?
  5. mojoputter

    You've got to be kidding!!

    Your dock would be safe when I'm fishing if thats the case, I need to see some kind of cover and a few sunnies swimming around prior to pitching
  6. mojoputter

    You've got to be kidding!!

    I will avoid a dock if I see the owner close by, not worth the confrontation. But it is pretty funny when they threaten you while your floating and fishing in public water.
  7. mojoputter

    You've got to be kidding!!

    He wasn't in our tourney, but if he was, I would of mentioned without pointing him out to the whole group, to use a little common sense and courtesy while on the lake.
  8. mojoputter

    You've got to be kidding!!

    So I'm fishing a tourney on a lake on the east side of town, Big C. The wind was blowing pretty good and we were moving along the shore on the east side of the lake and picking apart the docks as were floating by. The wind was blowing pretty good so I didn't really have to use the trolling motor all that much. I see another fisherman and his partner coming up behind us and really don't pay to much attention to him, but he is moving much faster then we are. He finally catches up to us and literally just keeps going right around us, I mean cuts right in front of us 20 feet away. I said " You've got to be kidding, your going to cut right in front of us" he said "Yes, were moving faster then you" I was speechless for a few seconds because I couldn't believe what this Meat head just did. I could of done some thing really stupid, but just held back and let the knucklehead move on by. I've met some of the nicest people fishing tourneys, but not this guy.
  9. mojoputter

    Signing In

    dra·co·ni·andrəˈkōnēən/adjective (of laws or their application) excessively harsh and severe.synonyms:harsh, severe, strict, extreme, drastic, stringent, tough; I had to look that up, kind of figured thats what it mean't
  10. mojoputter

    Seeding and preemergent

    I'm with Del, the more you water and fertilize the more the SH!T grows, when are they going to invent grass that turns green but does not grow!!
  11. mojoputter

    Hydro Wave

    Here's a link to fish tank demo, I've also seen a video of a guys depth finder showing fish dug into the bottom of the lake, he turns on the Hydrowave and you can see the lines that were on the bottom tilt up towards the surface, its pretty wierd. The guy said it works awesome when fishing for smallies, they seem to be a lot more qurious then LG mouth. I guess its suppose to replicate fish feeding on bait fish
  12. mojoputter

    Hardwood flooring vs Engineered flooring

    We currently have hardwood in the hallway and foyer, the hallway butts up against the kitchen floor. I'm thinking hardwood because we are thinking about selling the house in 5-7 years and I think hardwood would be more appealing for re-sale of the home. But after seeing some of the comments here, I may do a little more research into the engineered type of flooring.
  13. We are looking to have our kitchen floor updated, not sure if we want hardwood or engineered like Pergo flooring. I'm sure there's enough experience out there that can give me advice on whats good and bad about both types.
  14. mojoputter

    Protection from the sun

    100 spf sunscreen
  15. mojoputter

    Minnetonka - No wake zone

    Anyone fishing on Minnetonka..? there is a NO WAKE zone on the entire lake. Got a tourney out there in a few weeks, its going to take a long time to get to some spots.