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  1. jimalm - An order of the combos just came in this last week. I just bought a 28" walleye combo for my brother yesterday. There were a couple of those laker spinning rods in the box that I could see. Wellesy
  2. Yup, the Sioux do start slow but really get going the second half of the season...hope they don't wait too long this season!
  3. If Da Chise is referring to what I think he is it's not a minnow spinner rig but a really different looking spoon/flutter? type bait. I saw a couple at Gander in Hermantown and was going to try them this winter.
  4. I'm liking the four songs I've heard so far on XM...
  5. We're on the Tower end of Lake Vermillion. Ya, Fortune Bay is my fav course to play these days...adds up on the pocket book though...
  6. Tami, Just so happens that my family and I were having dinner two tables over from your group. We were there for Mom's 60th B-day. Good eats and a terrific sunset! Which day did you golf Fortune Bay? My dad, two brothers and I played on July 4th. Didn't do any fishing though. Too many work projects at the cabin. Wellesy
  7. Wellesy

    Frozen Four

    Don't remind me...they did that with me at all the football games too
  8. Wellesy

    Frozen Four

    Stf, you're welcome. Ya, I'm from Duluth but went to UND '93-'98 to get out of town for a bit and now I'm back home. My DU fraternity brothers used to hoist me up and send me crowd surfing at the old Englestad after a Sioux goal (I was the small guy).
  9. Wellesy

    Frozen Four

    Sweet Avatar! GO SIOUX!!!
  10. Soooo...are we getting a recipe this week??? Enquiring minds wanna know!
  11. Foster son...lol! If I hadn't been so brain dead, I would have said hello and introduced myself. I like what you're doing with the boat...good work! Northlander, it was good to chat with you the Friday of the boat show at MG. Thanks for the tips but I ended up fishing Lake Superior out of Two Harbors...two releases, no fish.
  12. Cheffrey, It just dawned on me...did you pick up that vinyl and stuff from MG on Friday night? I was there getting two reels spooled up and someone in a red AA coat picked up a big roll of something like fabric or vinyl. Wellesy
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