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  1. CJH

    Vexilar battery

    I am kind of in the same boat. Built a cooler radio and trying to figure out how big of a battery I need. I don't have an extra car or boat battery.
  2. CJH

    Humminbird ICE55 problem?

    I've owned in Ice 55 since they came out, no problems. A single person's experience is tangetial, I.E not representative to what everybody else is experiencing.
  3. CJH


    You mean like this? http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/09000d5d81a77070/Controversial-call-on-Megatron-non-TD
  4. CJH

    13 fishing ticklestick

    I stopped using rod slicks after the tips of 2 Meatsticks broke off in them. Just put them in the case w/out them and have never had a problem since.
  5. CJH

    Solar Powered Fish House Build

    Thanks for the info. I'll just skip it then, since I will be disconnecting it from the battery any time I am not running it. In your setup, I definitely think it was smart to wire in the master switch!!
  6. CJH

    Solar Powered Fish House Build

    Princeton, looks great!!! One of the nicest I've seen!!! Say I recently picked up what looks to be the same amplifier as you (Kicker). Just had a quick wiring question, since the manual is pretty worthless: There are two positives in the wiring harness "ignition" (red) and "constant" (yellow), did you hook up the both to the battery or just the "constant" (yellow)? Thanks, CJH
  7. CJH

    Tying Leaders

    Thanks, that's exactly what I am doing, but I was using a Palomar knot. Good to know that the Trilene knots have held up and you haven't had any problems. The ability to change quickly, efficiently, and with however I want to design my snells/leaders is the appeal. Thanks again.
  8. CJH

    Android flashlight app

    I have the Motorola one and haven't had any problems with it. Don't think it asks for many permissions either.
  9. CJH

    What size drill for 6" lazer auger?

    I would think any 18v hammer style drill would work. Obviously more voltage, more power, but for a 6in auger you get to a point where its overkill.
  10. CJH

    Hummin Bird Electronics

    + Digital Depth + More Power (Watts) I've had an Ice 55 since the first year they came out and its been a great unit for me. I like the display better than than the Vex/Marcum alternatives - its just easier to read for my eyes. The only thing I didn't like was the battery charger (which were a little flukey with the first year batch), so I just picked up an Interstate brand one and haven't had any problems.
  11. CJH

    Tying Leaders

    So toying with the idea of making my own Flouro leaders. I have read about people using super glue on the knots in order to keep them tight. Has anybody done this and/or noticed any detriment/problems? Any difference in catch rate, vs non glue? Thanks for any info, just kind of floating the idea around in my head.
  12. CJH

    Tablet suggestions?

    If you are tied into the apple ecosystem, it makes sense to get an iPad. Just pick the size you want/need. If you want to go the Android route, the Samsung's are good and any of the Google Nexus tablets are good.