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  1. Anyone have any ice updates for courthouse. I know it takes a little longer to make good ice since its so deep. Hopefully there will be enough ice for the madhouse on Saturday morning.
  2. I would like to smoke some pork shanks this weekend. You see them at restaurants sometimes called Pig wings. Does anyone know where you can buy these fresh? Do local grocery stores carry them? Butcher Shops like VH?
  3. Has anyone been out riding? I assume the trails up North are in great shape. Anyone have any reports on trails closer to the Metro? Will there be any ride-able trails this weekend?
  4. Anyone know of any Smelt Fry's in the Mpls area?
  5. I am looking for a single place snowmobile trailer..Let me know if anyone is looking to get rid of one.
  6. I have a feeling the Sioux are going to come into "The John" this weekend flying high and pounce on the Gophers.
  7. I tried the Shore Lunch Oven Style last nignt. I have to admit I was impressed. Very good.
  8. I only use my aerator for about an hour or 2 a day.. I bought my last minnows on Dec 19th, and only a few have died. (other than those I used for fishing)Batteries last most of the season.
  9. Vexilar is located in Bloomington off of Old Shakopee road. I know they do tune ups\maintenance, but I am not sure of the cost.
  10. I was out yesterday afternoon\evening. Was warm enough in a portable with a single Mr. Heater to fish without a jacket on.. Not bad once you get all set up.
  11. Anyone have any suggestions for a small AM\FM radio for a portable. It would be nice to listen to the Wild games when out ice fishing in my portable. Any suggestions? Not sure how they will work when it's cold. When I looked I couldn't find anything. Everything was a Ipod radio or all digital..
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