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  1. EidesRX

    HSO Deer Photo's

    A small one from opening day MN: beer can bases, kickers and stickers!
  2. Hooked and landed three steelhead on Saturday, missed two others (few head shakes, and spin and off). Hooked into five on Sunday, only landed one. Poor hook sets, everything was hooked way downstream from me, bummer. Two large females, 25+, one with egss and one without eggs. The rest were in the 20 inch range. Caught a nice 18 inch brown, several 12-16 inch browns and two LARGE suckers. Our group brought in 10 steelhead on Saturday and 7 steelhead on Sunday. Fished high and low, hooked fish all day with the overcast skies. Gotta love the Brule!!
  3. EidesRX

    River of Presidents

    Sounds like the leaves have fallen, are they affecting fishing much? Does anyone want to hook up on Wednesday next week 10/29, I think I'll try to take a break from work. Looks like a high of 39, Steel weather!!
  4. EidesRX

    River of Presidents

    Would have liked to get a coho or two, those are the best tasting fish in the lake! I've never caught one in the river, only on the boards. Did manage some steel last weekend.
  5. EidesRX

    River of Presidents

    Well good luck to you on weds kent and eric?, it looks like it will be better than low and clear. Are you going to be swinging flies kent? Let me know how you do, I'm taking a half day on Friday. Fish while you can, I was in your shoes last year. Where are you living now, what are you up to?
  6. EidesRX

    River of Presidents

    Just looking into some options before I get skunked for the entire fall! The only thing I haven't used is spinners and worms this year, haven't had much luck, but the next couple of weekends should be good (crossing fingers). I'm trying this weekend, fishing all river! I'll be fishing stones and glow bugs first and we'll see what happens on Sunday! What about you Kent, you been putting the steel to the steel?
  7. EidesRX

    River of Presidents

    How much leader do you use on the Brule, I heard a 1.5 times the depth rule for pinning? I would like to try sometime, wondering if I can just use my 9 foot and mono w/o buying the free spool. It is hard to hold the 9 foot rod compared to a 11 or 12 foot rod. It's an intersting concept and I don't see why it wouldn't work, you might not be able to have a 50 foot drift- maybe only 15-20 with a fly reel but your still getting the presentation? I haven't had much luck in the fall, only caught fish fishing hardware and egg flies, never on stones or bugs. So it would be fun to try. Those coho skeins look dry and tight enough to fish without tying, but the question is how long they'll last with the rocks and the little bows
  8. EidesRX

    River of Presidents

    Are you tying them up in bags Deathroe, or do you just fish the skein with an egg hook? I used eggs here and there last weekend, I guess it helps to be pinning? I mostly fished pheasant tail stones, and yarn though.
  9. EidesRX

    River of Presidents

    Nice fish, you fishing spawn? That second fish looks whacked, did it make it back into the river?
  10. EidesRX

    River of Presidents

    Fished all weekend. Didn't "land any chrome", or hear of anyone who had. Will have to give it a few weeks!
  11. My biggest is 30 and 1/2" on the southshore and a 28 inch Looper or 26 inch Steelhead on the Northshore. Hope to catch a monster this coming weekend, along with everyone else I suppose.
  12. EidesRX

    Northfield Area

    I am a graduate of Olaf, if you have a car then you can manage 100 streams in southern MN and Wisconsin. If you have a bike you can make it to one or two. You can bike to Rice creek where it flows into the canon and catch at least 5 0r 6 species of fish, brook trout, sunnies, crappies, walleye, bass etc. The rest of the creek is on private property that you can ask for permission- though the river is about three feet across with small brookies. Look on the DNR HSOforum for rivers in the area and southern MN. I also did some fly fishing for walleyes in the canon and was successful in the spring after the runoff. You can head over to Wisconsin, which is an hour or so two 25 different rivers and creeks. Where are you from originally? My advice to you if you want to catch trout while at Olaf, make friends with someone that actually has a car on campus and explore Southern Minnesota. My best friends are all St. Olaf Fly fisherman, Fram Fram! Good luck!
  13. EidesRX

    Need information on trout fishing in Brainerd area!

    I've fished the mine pits around Crosby in May, but I fished from shore with a fly rod. I didn't catch any trout but there were some rising to flies in the middle of the lake. I did catch some monster bowfish, dog fish, with my 3 weight which were cruising the shore by the landing. They took my pheasant tail no problem! I second the canoe idea and I've heard that there are some monster northerns feeding off the trout they stock.
  14. EidesRX

    WI Report

    Quickstrike, Send me your email when you get a chance. Thanks, [email protected]
  15. EidesRX

    WI Report

    I was just joking about the worms. We should have a little more water to deal with on opener looking at the weather. Though, there is a chance for some fresh fish early this year as well. I heard the Brule is slowly blowing out to the lake already. See you on the river. Jay