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  1. Rockin Randy

    New ice house law 11/20/2017

    Talked to a CO about the fading, they are aware, not to worry.
  2. Rockin Randy

    Honey burn

    Tried all those tricks, now the bear is only coming in at night. Time to pull the plug and hit the Muskies hard. Rockin Randy
  3. Rockin Randy

    Honey burn

    Maybe I should try something similar. I am hunting alone, but could probably get my neighbor to help. Thanks for the suggestion. Rockin Randy
  4. Rockin Randy

    Honey burn

    This is my first time hunting bear. Have two coming to the bait, both after dark, and the small one shows up at odd times in the early A.M. I was thinking a honey burn might tempt one or the other to come in during shooting time. The big guy comes in after the little one at night, but he hangs around for an hour. The smaller one comes back multiple time during the night. I have tried to come in before shooting time, but I have bumped him twice now.
  5. Rockin Randy

    Bear Lottery

    Went to the DNR site. Got my tag for area 47 after 4 Years!! YEA!! Rockn Randy
  6. Rockin Randy

    Hummingbird Nest W/eggs

    The Desert Museum in Tuson has a building full of Hummingbirds flying around in it. We feed the Hummers in the summer up here, after the hatch we'll see as many as 35 hanging around the feeders.
  7. Rockin Randy


    Trucks are still driving all over Leech, main basin.
  8. Rockin Randy

    Flying Squirrel

    You might want to keep an eye out to see where they are coming from. After we moved to the home we live on now I discovered we had flying squirrels in our attic. Took two years to get them all trapped and shot. Over 150 in all. I read some where that they breed in Feb. Rockin Randy
  9. Rockin Randy

    Smoking Salmon Today

    Thanks again! Randy
  10. Rockin Randy

    Smoking Salmon Today

    Thanks Leech. Any suggestions on the temp?
  11. Rockin Randy

    Smoking Salmon Today

    I brined my Salmon last night. Washed it and let it dry this morning, now it is in the smoker. The recipe calls for two hours of smoking, but does give a temp. Then it says to dry for two to four hours. Do I leave the heat on or off? Thanks for any help! Rockin Randy
  12. Rockin Randy

    Who Got a tag!

    I was 4th in line at the Gander Mnt. in Bemidji at 11:30 (late because of Dr. appointment) first two guys got theirs. Then the third guy was up, no more tags. I should be able to draw next year for 44.
  13. Rockin Randy

    Cleaning Lake Scum From Boat

    I use a product called ZING. Really great stuff! Got mine at a boat store.
  14. Rockin Randy

    Paver or concrete driveway

    Concrete is easier to clean the snow off in the winter. My buddy was a concrete finisher too, he did a Exposed Aggregate drive and hated it for that reason. The pavers sure look nice tho. If you go with colored concrete, have the color mixed in, that way if there are any rock pops the color will be the same. Have your guys bid it with half inch rebar 2 foot on center each way and with just roll mesh. I would recommend rebar and 5 inch thick, no more than 10 foot square saw joints, and you should have no problems. Any cracks that are outside of the control joints stay tight. Rockn Randy
  15. Rockin Randy

    Asphalt Driveway Cracks

    What Trolloni said. Only I go with two foot on center with the half inch rebar Went to five inches thick on my own driveway because I have a class a motorhome and the propane truck drives on it too. Only two cracks outside of the saw joints and they stay tight. Rockn Randy