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  1. Nate McVey

    Trout Photo Gallery

    Great looking fish!
  2. Nate McVey

    Take A Number

    Good, can't wait to see all the pictures of you........"living vicariously"
  3. Nate McVey

    Take A Number

    So you're telling me that these chapters of TU filling up all the hotels, eating in all the restaurants and buying gas in these small towns is a bad thing? Hmmm, I suppose those people you "live vicariously" through drop wads of cash as they go through town.... And, who cares if it's shoulder to shoulder, you don't like it, don't fish. The good news is most, if not all of the trout they catch will be returned to the water, with minimal harm.
  4. Nate McVey

    Charter Out of Duluth

    All good suggestions, but like Scott said Tom has proven his skills time and time again. Clean boat, great gear and will put you on fish.
  5. Nate McVey

    SE MN conditions are ??

    Waters up a little bit, but not too bad. It is very stained in most places I checked the other day. We do have a winter storm coming in tonight so that will complicate things as well.
  6. Nate McVey

    Frog Lure

    So he's fishing them on the surface of the bottom? Still confused
  7. Nate McVey

    Frog Lure

    Quote:He has been fishing them on the surface and putting a large split shot about 16 inches back and twitching it across the bottom. The frog has an air chamber to keep them up slightly off the bottom. Are you sure he's been fishing them on the surface? I'm so confused.....
  8. Nate McVey

    Frog Lure

    Has he been fishing them on the bottom or on the surface.......Who knew you could figure out what fish are eating by checking the contents of their stomachs. I sometimes like to sit real still and quiet and also find out what fish are eating, less messy that way.
  9. Nate McVey

    Did Dirt Sell His Soul To The Devil?

    WOW! 3rd party STORY telling.....my favorite! I bet if I hop over to a half dozen other forums I can reread it over and over.....
  10. Nate McVey

    How Do You Explain Catch And Release Season To A Kid?

    Len, no matter how you try to word your posts to get a rise out of the catch and release folks the end result is going to be the same....my inbox full of notifications. As others have stated, if you can't find a way to fish the C&R season without killing trout, don't fish it. If you are going to put a Panther Martin in a 10 years old hand and expect her to know how to avoid a gill hook-up, your crazy. Maybe hook one for her and let her fight it in next time.....if mother agrees.
  11. Nate McVey

    Fishing/Water Condition Report

    Nice browns!
  12. Nate McVey

    The Gill Lice Epidemic Expands

    Quote:On top of it all, we introduced brown trout to the eco system, clearly a decision that is being reflected upon in today's fishery as a mistake. I'm pretty sure they were introduced by Germans. They had barrels full of eggs when they came over and someone had too much to drink, kicked over a couple and the rest is history.... But I digress............ Gill lice are not exclusive to the Driftless or Brookies. Here is a link to some info from CO. Gill Lice in CO Here's some info from Maryland. Gill Lice in Maryland Some more from CO CO Gill Lice It appears many factors are involved with Gill Lice including water temperature and water flow. Maybe we should smoke all the brookies in SE MN and WI and just start from scratch..........
  13. Nate McVey

    Best way to clean and cook.......

    No scales, no scaling. The reason I butter or oil the skin is to get it a little crispy, it's delicious that way. Once it's cooked, the bones pull right out.
  14. Nate McVey

    Best way to clean and cook.......

    I'm with everyone but Don and Len Up the belly, off with the head, lose the blood line, season and grill/bake. I like to brush the skin with a little oil/butter, add salt, pepper, garlic powder and some lemon slices. Wrap in aluminum foil and throw it on the grill.