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  1. 2thepointsetters

    Waterfowl Photos

    From the field to the fridge in 5 days. Goose and duck summer sausage. Local sausage kitchen makes it for $3.50 a pound.
  2. 2thepointsetters

    2014 NoDak Waterfowl Reports

    We hunted the central part of NODAK over the weekend and found very few birds moving. We put on about 200 miles a day hunting/scouting but it was worth the time. We did well in the fields and the water hunting also produced well.
  3. 2thepointsetters

    Fish house dealers in MN that sell used models

    Read the original post.... I am not asking what you think. I am asking if anybody knows who does sell used ones. Thanks for your help.
  4. 2thepointsetters

    Fish house dealers in MN that sell used models

    Thank you. I am going to call in the morning to set something up with them. The house is a 2013 custom ordered Ice Castle 21'rv with berkon frame.
  5. My wife talked me into buying a 38' boat last week and now I have to sell some toys to help with the boat payments. I am looking for dealers that will sell a used house for a commission fee. I live in Northern MN and can't find anybody up here that sells used. I will have time later this month to bring the house to a used dealer if anybody knows of one in MN.
  6. 2thepointsetters

    1 rod rule bypass

    How to bypass 1 rod rule? Fish Lake Superior and bring friends with. I would like to see Superior changed to three rods per person like every other state on the Great Lakes.
  7. 2thepointsetters

    hard decision

    My 8.5 year old setter Buddy just had the $3500 TPLO surgery on his left rear leg in Oct. Next Monday he has a $1500 surgery to fix his front left elbow. Our dogs mean the world to my family and I will do whatever it takes to keep them healthy.
  8. You might want to do some research on the .380 as carry pistol. It is generally considered underpowered and not as accurate as larger calibers. It is better than nothing and will do the intended job. I am not trying to start a war on here just wanted to make sure your aware of the limits of the .380.
  9. I was typing with out thinking. The xds is a 45.
  10. I have the glock 27, 40 xds, and the 40 s&w shield. The shield is my favorite to carry because it's thin and has a good safety. Plus you can't beat the price of the shield.
  11. 2thepointsetters

    I knew this day was coming

    Thank you. I love the boat name except everytime I tell somebody the story about the name I get tears in my eyes. Hopefully it gets easier to talk about.
  12. 2thepointsetters

    I knew this day was coming

    The boat is kept down by Park Point in Duluth. Gilbert (60 miles north of Duluth) is where we reside and the hailing port for the documented vessel.
  13. 2thepointsetters

    I knew this day was coming

    We bought a new boat two days before Chili passed away in April. Over the weekend we named the boat in her honor. It was a sad and happy day.
  14. 2thepointsetters

    Planer Boards.

    I run 24 lines off my boat and cover a 300 foot spread and also catch fish . If everybody was the same the world would be a boring a place.
  15. 2thepointsetters

    I knew this day was coming

    She was diagnosed with protein losing enteropathy. When she didn't respond to treatment we brought her to the U of MN vet. When they scanned her before removing fluid from her stomach they found a possible blood clot in her heart. She made it two weeks before the clot went to her lungs and she was gone instantly. Here is cool pic of her from a couple years ago. I was able to take her on a one half block a week or so ago and she pointed a pigeon. I never thought it would be the last time I saw her locked up. In the pic you can see how she was filling up with fluid in the stomach area.