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  1. Sorgy


    Great job- Love to hear the kids getting birds. Congrats
  2. Sorgy

    Federal heavyweight tss

    Thus my disclaimer:)
  3. Sorgy

    Federal heavyweight tss

    From the 2017 MN DNR web page. Method of taking Firearms • A person may only use shotguns 20 gauge or larger, including muzzle-loading shotguns. • Only fine shot size No. 4 and smaller diameter may be used. • Red dot scopes and range finders are legal. Do not take my word for this- Read all the rules regarding Turkey Hunts for 2017. Good luck Steve
  4. Sorgy


    Welcome Hugonian! Glad to have another on the team. Are you hunting the Hugo area this winter? I have several areas I may try. My fall back area is public land near home. Good Luck Steve
  5. Borch,

    I could be added to a team for the turkey contest ONLY IF you need another name to fill in. I will be using archery equipment.




    feel free to text me at 651-792-5502 


    Steve Sorgenfrei

  6. Sorgy

    Tagged out in nd

    Very Nice Buck!!!
  7. Absolutely a 4 stroke Yamaha. I have no idea how many hours I put on it each year but I burn up a lot of gas each year. Been a great motor. Oil changes and Gear lube each fall. Looking at a classic 690 C Ranger. In absolute great condition. Would be an awesome boat for many years but the weak link is the motor at this point and repowering is not in the cards for a year or two. It is also the only way I will ever own a Ranger. Glass boats have many positive points over aluminum. Dryer ride, dryer storage and they are more stable overall for fishing.
  8. The boat is in the metro area. I have ran a 2002 Yamaha 115 since 2004 and I have not had one issue. I am really getting cold feet on this old 2 stroke. funds are not in the game and repowering with a 150 would be very costly. Thanks for the help Steve
  9. Guy's I am looking for a mechanic to do some work on low hour 1992 Evinrude Intruder 150 HP. The boat I am thinking of buying has the motor on it and it has sat for 2 years due to a death in the family. I am thinking of rebuilding the carbs, installing a new VRO pump and sending unit in the resivor, Changing the oil lines and fuel lines on the motor and flushing the gas tank our with new fuel filter and water separator installed. Thank you Steve
  10. Sorgy

    Headlight Quality

    Saw this topic and the link to Rock Auto. I ordered up left and right headlight assembly's for my 04 Suburban. They fit right in and even included bulbs. $58.00 to the door delivered for the pair. Cannot beat the price and quality looks fine- better than the old dump I replaced. Now do I replace the daytime running lens assembly's and fog lamps? Ordered on Thursday and delivered on Saturday 2 days early.
  11. I have around 160 once fired brass. 2 boxes of Hornandy, 5 boxes of Federal and 1 misc. anyone interested in them? Open to trades. also some 300 Savage brass-Remington once fired. Steve
  12. Sorgy

    Muskie Stocking

    The muskie stocking issue is all about opportunity. Many of the existing lakes are very crowded. Muskie Fishing is a growing sport while overall fishing license sales are going down. The DNR has a World Class Muskie Fishery that people have traveled from all over our country to fish for muskies. The overall muskie fishing peaked a few years back and we are hoping to see the state return to prominence. The DNR developed their 20 year muskie plan back in 2008 and we are just now getting to the point of implementing it. The DNR did not ruin any walleye lakes or any bass lake or any crappie lake by the introduction of muskies into them. The plan is low density stocking. They are the last fish in the system to spawn. The fry have very poor success surviving to a 30" size. Now for my "Can of Worms" I think that we need to back off on legislation for the little issues of fish and game related regulation. The DNR is capable of making the right choices for managing our Lakes, Lands and Rivers. If they were funded better they could do even more good work. Legislating laws by lakeshore owners for the public waters of this great state is the wrong path and it sets a very bad precedent. What is next? The quiet lake does not want public boat launch updated or renovated? Legislating no boats on the lake between sunset and 9:00 AM? No more duck hunting on my lake? The DNR has the opportunity to change regulations if they make a mistake. Once laws are legislated in they are chiseled in stone. I want the DNR to have the funding to do their jobs. I fully support them - They may not always make the right decision but they have the opportunity to change it if their plans fail. Steve
  13. Here is my follow up- I stopped by Nelson Marine in WBL and told him what I had. I just needed the new pump cartridge. Cost for a 500 gph pump was $25.00. It was a no brainer for the age of the boat. took more time to load the boat than to change out the pump. Lift up a yellow tab, turn the cartrige counter clockwise and lift it out. Take the new pump - check the O-ring and insert it. turn it clockwise and done. 2 wire splices and it was done. I should have stopped at a marine dealership earlier. Thank for the help. Steve
  14. Sorgy

    North Metro Muskie Leaue 2015

  15. Sorgy

    Bow mounted depth finder

    Mrmojo- I would for sure get a transducer for your LX6. Pick up a Ram mount, a power lead for your locator, an inline fuese for your locator- flat fuse type is best. Currently I have my FL 8 on the bow of my boat hooked up to my Minkota PD AP. It really helps to have the transducer on the trolling motor- it shows how deep you are right now at the front of the boat. No crashing up on to the structure you are trying to work around. Once you put one up there you will never want fish without a front locater again. Good Luck Steve