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  1. walleyewild

    Onboard Charger

    My 3 bank Advanced angler had one set labeled for the starting battery. I would recomend getting a charger that has a fully distributed output, then if the starting battery only needs a maintenance charge the rest will go to the deep cycle. But if you plug in the charger after every trip then there is no real need to worry about your batteries. As long as you plug the charger in soon after you you are done with the day's fishing you will be money ahead in the long run, it'll increasethe life of the batteries just by maintaining the charge on the system. WW
  2. walleyewild

    Custom cover worth it?

    I don't chain mine to the tongue but she does make a great deterent at 125# just has to be in the back of the truck. I have a snap on travel cover on my Lund and it was worth every penny. I get better mileage towing with the cover on then off so I always put the cover on, also it is piece of mind while towing that nothing will blow out of the boat and it does keep the honest people honest. WW
  3. walleyewild

    Leech lake knife video?

    Croix, I got mine last year at the Mpls. show. Reeds has them on line. I haven't had to use my bandaid yet but have only had my knife for a year. WW PS I prefer to fillet all of my fish manually as well, no electric here.
  4. walleyewild

    Ice fishing on Lake Vermilion

    Might want o post this in the Vermilion forum! WW
  5. South_metro, Don't bother with trying to trying to adapt UFO lighting to 12V. There are many options that are 12V ready. Check out the lighting threads here in the ice fishing forum, the outdoor pro store on the web site sells the same style of lights everyone is buying from BHK and is having good luck with the strings working. Clam and Frabill both have some other lighting options as well. But unless you're like me and have a degree in electronics I wouldn't waste my time and try and build a voltage regulator to reduce to 4.5V. There are a ton of 12V options available, don't waste your time. WW
  6. walleyewild

    Big Buddy 6V Power Source

    Why not use a cell phone vehicle charger and just wire in the right end from Radio Shack, or look for one that only puts out 6V. I have seen them put out between 3 and 6 V. There are vehicle chargers that have a verible voltage output with different ends, just be sure that if the connector is center positive that you wire it up that way. Hook it up to a vex battery and a female cig plug recepticle and away you go. WW
  7. walleyewild

    Some One Help Me Please!!

    Nolan, Are you talking about the spreader poles? Or the frame corner poles? Have you tried calling Thorne Brothers? They might be able to order what you need. WW
  8. walleyewild

    Jiffy ice auger

    At the portable mod get together jiffy was demonstrating one there, there was no smoke, on the propane model, it is a 4 stroke motor. Smells almost like an unvented propane heater. I stood right in front of the exaust and it smelled like a propane forklift running. Electric would have no smell, just remember to recharge after every use. WW P.S. Strikemaster has a 4 stroke and electric that I would also look at.
  9. walleyewild

    Portable Modification Get-together

    Thanks Matt for organizing the event. The seminars were very informational. And I picked up a new Panfish sweetheart to add to my rod bag. WW
  10. walleyewild

    water temp gauge ?

    Get a depth therm from vexilar. It'll tell you depth and temp. ww.in
  11. walleyewild

    More boat shopping

    Huskie, I have an 1825 Explorer and love the boat. Has plenty of room and storage, handles big water well. I wouldn't hesatate buying an Explorer again, new or used. WW
  12. walleyewild

    Lowrance lcx-25c

    As long as the software is current, the antennas are virtually the same. Jim I agree the 25 is a great unit and it locks on even in my garage as long as the door is open. The only thing that would make an antenna faster is more channels for reception. I hope to keep my LCX-25c for a couple of more years. WW
  13. walleyewild

    12 Volt 55lb Powerdrive V2 with I-Pilot battery issues

    Had transom mount 55# 3x Vector on a 16' Lund that would go all day, but had to be recharged every night. What size battery Group 24, 27 or 31? If the motor is still in warranty take it in and have it tested by an authorized service center, you should still get more then 2 hours out of it. But remember you still may not get a full day out of it, the GPS will draw current, not a lot, the drive and turning motors use a little more current then a manual or cable steer motor as well. I would check the spec's on the motor and see what max current draw is then devide that by reserve capacity on the battery and it'll give you an idea of run time. WW
  14. walleyewild

    Lowrance lcx-25c

    I paid 699.00 for mine at the big C 4 years ago on close out. If it is in good condition and has all the cables, transducer and GPS antenna between 400.00 and 600.00 would be a fair asking price. The unit hasen't been produced for 4+ Years and there is no warranty left through Lowrance, if it did go down someone would have to pay Lowrance 299.00 or more to get a replacement unit. So you have to take that into consideration also. WW
  15. walleyewild

    Trolling with a drift sock

    Piece of rope betweeen the bow cleates with the sock under the boat works too! WW