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  1. As far as I know there is no advance stocking report like California and other states. In MN you have to go to mn dnr Lakefinder to look up last years stocking reports. And or do like I tried to do several times yesterday with no success is call the local DNR fisheries number for the area U R interested in and ask them. Normaly in years past I get a hold of them and they are very helpful with all the questions U have. The dnr # for the area u want to find will be at the bottom of the page on mn lakefinder in area u r looking at
  2. If you do go out anywhere up there please report it here. I will be heading up there in the near future and plan on fishing it myself. Im thinking you are on a oil gig , if so do they need any drivers where your working. [note from admin: please read forum policy before posting again. thanks!]
  3. Thats good just wanted to know because a friend needs a loan for a license. Though all in all not that bad of a price with the hike. Last month I was out in cali and NV visting family and friends and was sticker shocked at the prices now. Ca 1 day was $16$ And 120.00 for a year non res. , $44.00 yearly res. I usualy get the yearly out there but my ca id exp. had to renew for next 5 years of visiting. No U would not have to file Bank rupt unless u have fished the way i have in the past ten years. example in a year. Buy your res lec.for mn going to TX so much on job get a yearly non res. lic. , visit Cali 2 to 3 times a year buying yearly , getting a few days of in FL. and the getting 1 to 3 day lic.s in MA, MI,WI,AR,LA.MT,GA,MS,NY,PA,SC,AZ,NV,KS,NE,ND,SD,CO,WA,AL.WV,TN,IL,OK,UT, Not all but many in same year and rest in the next or so. and the rest. But for those of U who are worrying about B.R. or a a lack of cents, heres a little something most MN anglers dont know<< > If your Not Big on eating or showing Off a lot of fish U dont need to pay full price for a yearly license. I do anyway but may change that. I love to fish but not eat that many so CPR for me. I forget what its called but my GF gets 1 every year. Where we pay 18.00 she pays 12.00$ The 18 means u can keep the full limit, an 12.00 a half limit. So for those in hard times there it is. This year I will only need MN an ND lic.s Goin to the Oil Patch
  4. When does the increase on the license fee come into affect? This year or tyhe next? Fishing
  5. Is trout season still open till Oct,31st in other lakes in mn or did they change something this year. Im going out for some trout in the morning and would like to know if anythings changed. 5 trout limit till the 31st. Not fishing Square or river streams.
  6. Does anyone remmber what time they open the gate to the park? I know a couple years they left it open but most it is closed until someone comes to open. and remmber 1 year the guy woke up late.
  7. Hey Zenit I just looked at last years stocking reports and seen they put some Big Boys in there last year, Did U manage to get into any of them. up to 10 pounds
  8. Well now I bet they know what tickets and hefty fines lOOk like Hey Zenit hows it going. Have U talk to the dnr about stocking before opener? I also noticed some more trout ponds the other day down by Mankato. Do you or anyone else know anthing about the st peter ponds?
  9. Heck ive sat on shore fishing long lake in N.B. and watched a female Duck goble up a bunch of little bullhead.
  10. found what looks to be better ponds for trout this year.with stoking this friday. pics show a shoulder to shoulder zoo though. Open the Tiger cage cuz here I cum
  11. Dragon Fish ll


    Im not seeing anyone interested in Cenaiko this year. is there some special reason for this. I know for the last few years Cenaiko has sucked compared to years past. every year I call the dnr to see if they are stocking before opener and they say yes, but the last few openers have not shown it. Can someone with a a eye for trout activity stop by there this week and see if U see any. would or will be out there for opener. Any info bring it
  12. I was outhere yesterday for opener. total floop for me. didnt see much caught out there either. One guy next to me caught 2 fish one rainbow and a nice size brown trout. I caught 1 LM bass not much size and farmed somthing.DNR guys were there checking licenses and said they planted last week. I say Bull. when they plant people catch fish. and that wasnt happening with anyone yesterday.
  13. Any word on Spring planting for opener Zenit or anyone?
  14. Thanks for the reply. Since work got cancelled for a couple days iwill be trying my luck tommorow
  15. Sounds like you fished there today . was wondering if there were any fish being caught by you or anyone else on the lake.? was it crowded>?. and dont use minnows that are not salted or preserved. its still a fine just bring plenty of waxies and some power bait. go with the glitter
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