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  1. Couldn't agree with you more!!! I am also hoping the 20 degree temp drop over 2 days leading into will be the motivation they need to move around. Rain or shine, wind or no wind...I'm ALWAYS happy to be out there deer hunting!
  2. My 2015 hunt will be limited to Thursday-Friday of this week, so obviously I've got my work cut out for me with the forecasted system blowing (literally) through. I started to do some research about hunting tactics in strong wind conditions, and I had to share with you guys an article that actually made me excited to hunt in the wind! http://www.mossyoak.com/our-obsession/blogs/cuzs-corner/2012/11/20/20-years-of-deer-research-on-deer-movement It's a few years old, but the research and findings are definitely interesting. Do you guys think it's true? Anyone out there bag a big buck with 15-
  3. Great advice and insights guys! Regardless of what the forecast says, I'm EXCITED to go out to the woods! Regardless of what the weather is like when I am sitting in the stand, I'll be EXCITED to be there! Nothing will prevent me from going, and nothing (short of a twister) will get me out! Well, I suppose if I shoot a deer, I'll probably decide to get out of the stand!! Thanks guys...and if anyone has any more insights or observations about how deer tend to act in rain, wind, cold, etc...keep the thoughts coming!
  4. I am looking at the forecast for my unit (214) for the weekend, and it's not looking pretty. Or is it? Cloudy, chance of rain/snow, high of 31, WINDY (15-25mph NW). My theory: There's a full moon later this week, which would normally shed enough light for the deer to move at night. But with a thick cloud cover, noisy wind and precipitation, that could mean the deer hunker down instead. Then, in the light of day, the cold and "love" in the air motivates them to get up and move around. Of course there may be a bit of optimism to my theory! Anyone else interpret the weath
  5. Thank you for posting, and there can't be too many well wishes and "Be SAFE" messages out there! Good luck and BE SAFE hunters!
  6. Let's all turn on CCO news on Saturday night and NOT HAVE ANY REPORTS OF HUNTERS SHOT! That's my dream every year, and it doesn't happen enough. Be safe everyone, and preach it to your camp-mates as well!
  7. Best of luck to everyone on here, except to those who support APR. Hahaha, totally kidding! I'm in a goofy mood because I can't wait to get to camp later today!!!! Good luck to ALL MINNESOTA HUNTERS young and old, and please be safe!!!
  8. "If I'm ever lost, just look for the forest fire." Haha!!! Outside of the obvious (tag, bullets, knife), my MUST HAVES include leftover Almond Joys from Halloween, venison sandwiches from my mother-in-law (which I try to ration, but usually slam them all down once I open the bag!), and TP.
  9. I don't get to choose a lot of my hunting strategy because I live so far away from where I hunt. So I follow the weather patterns, and I know I'll get all of (rifle) opener and the next day to hunt. That's it. Then it's back to the work grind, and hopefully I've got venison and not tag sandwiches for lunch! I wouldn't want to be ANYWHERE else in the world though for those 2 days, and I'll lose more and more sleep every night until it gets here. Good luck to everyone, be SAFE out there getting to/from the stands, and keep the reports coming!
  10. I like to get up into the stand at least 30mins before shooting. Like the others have said, as long as I am in the stand before the others, I feel like I have better chance of getting some deer pushed my way.
  11. Thanks for making me laugh out loud in my cubicle and have to explain myself to the cube neighbors! I'm officially busted reading the deer forums and not working today! The camp is only 2 hours away, so I'm heading out in a few hours. EXCITED about the forecasted dusting of snow, thick clouds, and light winds tomorrow morning!
  12. Heading up Friday after work (likely knocking off a bit early with a case of Buck Fever) and only get to hunt Saturday and Sunday. It's short, but I look forward to it more than Christmas and the Superbowl combined!
  13. I put my outer clothing layers in a sealed plastic bag last weekend and threw in a pile of leafs. I've never done that before, so we'll see if it translates into a deer this weekend. My jacket is stored in a small cedar-lined "hunting jacket only" closet all year long, so it'll smell like cedar Saturday morning!
  14. So is upper 30's "cold enough" to make the deer motivated to move around and stay warm? Or does it need to be BONE CHIILING (close to zero degrees) to get that behavior? What do you guys think if the forecast stuck, and it was 40, VERY light wind, and sprinkling?
  15. I'm already packed for the opener! I couldn't wait anymore this weekend! So my outer layers are bagged up with leaves from the yard. My pack is all filled with the essentials. And my 3-year old boy warmed up the buck grunt call, so I know that works (a little too well)! Be safe out there!
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