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  1. youngie22

    Personal Best Brown with #15 Panther Martin

    Early trout gets the spinner! Gotta love that river, good work, beautiful fish!
  2. How's life Karl? sounds like you have gotten some time out fishin'! I wanna see some more pics to get to feel bad for my self and get up there again real real soon! Hope Eddy & the dogs are still behaving!
  3. youngie22

    Downspout drainage

    I see your idea better now! It would be nice if you could use the slope of your elevation and dump it into a holding pond or straight into the gutter of the city streets!
  4. youngie22

    Downspout drainage

    a cleaner look may be having your downspouts go straight into drain tile barried in the dirt and going all the way to lower ground or a spillway. or you could dig a big pit @ the end of the drain tile near the edge of the property and fill it with rock and sand for the water to drain into and disperse. no elbows, no pvc, should work in most cases!
  5. youngie22

    Vermillion Trout

    3 to 4 times a week below the falls? I am surprised I haven't ran into ya. Any luck lately?
  6. youngie22

    duct pipe & window

    if we weren't so far away I would have to take those off your hands! Oh well, some one will put them to use!
  7. youngie22

    Vermillion Trout

    They are up and down the whole stretch of the river until the falls in Hastings. It must get a little to warm and dirty below there. Put on your waders and explore. You should definetly check out the DNR HSOforum, or have them mail you a designated trout stream map.
  8. youngie22

    Vermillion/Little Cannon

    It's probably back in its banks near empire. Thursday was well outside in some spots. Should be getting back to fishable, definetly worth a try I would say. Little cannon may come around a little quicker than the V. Not quite as muddy and didn;t get as much rain down there, but still got alot. Good luck
  9. youngie22


    Its all part of the adventure... some trips are hard and have little reward. Like my first Nipigon trip. Karls 35 horse needed a chain cause its still on the bottom of the lake. Kind of expensive catastrophe. Thank god we saw another boat that day. Or it would have been a long paddle back against the wind w/ only one paddle. Still went again this year. only lost a St/ croix and stradic combo near devils elbow. But fishing was awesome! 3 days 30+ brookies over 20"!!! Hope to be leaving again on Thursday night next week! We will see!
  10. youngie22

    What to use?

    We'll be on the lake together... so I think we can figure it out over a drink!
  11. youngie22

    What to use?

    I have ran a few miles of caulk in my day, so I'm not worried about applicating it my self. Everything underneath is Tyveked, taped, and flashed. I am not too woried about water getting to the sheathing, but it is required by code to get everything caulked. I am definetly going to look into the "log builder" caulk... sounds like exactly what I am looking for. I'll be up north this weekend, so I'll check with my favorite wood mill at the corner of 6 & 18 outside of Garrison. I am sure Levi will have a connection to get that for me! Thank guys every little bit of info helps!!!
  12. youngie22

    What to use?

    Just put horizontal cedar siding on the front of the house. And I'm wondering what will look the best for caulking all the seems. I am probably going to seal it with Sikkens SRD or similar product. Would clear caulk look better than a "cedar" color? I don't want the caulk to stand out any, but would like it to match well. Has any one been in this same dilema? Let me know what you guys think!
  13. There is an office in St. Paul that can get you a passport that day, not sure where it is, but, I heard they don;t want to see you there unless you have plans for leaving the country in the next 14 days. Maybe some one else can ellaborate!
  14. youngie22

    Daughter scores her first Tiger Trout

    chalk up another great memory!!! Pretty awesome!
  15. He may recieve a "non-compliant" slip... can't keep him there, but, I wouldn't mind calling home and telling them I'm staying in Canada. Not sure what the canadians will think of me