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  1. Couple more pics from the trip I forgot to add. I tell you guys what, this one pintail limit is killing me. Can’t wait for next year when they bring it back up to 2!!
  2. Ufatz, Rockport is rebuilding, but they have a looooong ways to go. That’s actually what took up a good portion of my season this year. Lotsa people still need help, and it just didn’t seem right to be out chasing ducks when I could be helping people rebuild their lives. They’ll still be there next year Yes there’s still clouds of redheads. They’re too easy to kill. Problem was, those puddles love to hang out in the shallow marshes, and with the lowest tide I’ve ever seen, they were dry all week. Makes hunting real tough cuz they spread out in the big bays and it’s real hard to narrow dow
  3. Haven’t really posted on here all year, but here goes. It was an absolutely terrible season for me. I work 14 days then I’m off 7 days, and my 7 days off fell just so that I was only able to get out twice in November and then 5 days last week. Thankfully, last week made up for it and we shot some incredible trophies including 9 cinnamon teal, several mottled ducks, tons of perfect teal and even a hen Goldie and hen can, which are really weird for the salt. It’s really been a ball figuring out these coastal waters for the last 4 seasons, and I’m still learning new stuff every time I go out
  4. I wouldn't even bother going to NoDak before Nov 1. Too many yahoos. There's still plenty of guys up there later, but at least most of them are legitimate hunters
  5. Awesome way to finish the season! Too much green for me though. Gotta through a little variety in there!
  6. Probably my last birds of the season. We shot a 5 man limit yesterday and had an absolute ball. Gwt, bwt, ringers, gads, & all 4 of the guys that drove down got a mottled. We hired an airboat service to give us a ride out there and back, since I didn't trust my boat going through flooded timber and weed flats. Sadly I had to leave early and wasn't able to get in on the group pic, but it was an awesome day hunting freshly flooded timber. Finally got my bwt drake and it was perfect, so he's wall-bound. All in all, every guy that came down is bringing birds home for the wall and we had some g
  7. Well, today was both awesome and extremely disappointing. We hadn't been hunting my pintail, wigeon and mottled duck spot because I had heard it got beat up pretty bad over the weekend and I wanted to let it rest for a few days & build some birds back up. Got all set up & had enough pintails work to make it interesting, but the wigeon were pretty much a no-show. The majority of the pins (a couple thousand!) landed to the west about 1/2 mile away in an area I've never seen birds work. Buddy shot one, and we had a flock of 8 buzz us while we were picking dekes (as they always do). On the
  8. Buddies from Michigan, MN, ND and WY got here Sunday, started hunting yesterday. Yesterday coulda gone better and coulda gone worse. We had 2 spots in a marsh that we were debating on setting up. Chose spot B. Had we chose spot A, we woulda been absolutely covered up in birds. There was about 1500 pins, teal and a few wigeon sitting there when we came by. at least we shot a couple nice bwt. Total take was 17. One drake bwt was already in the freezer when the pic was taken. Day 2 was a diver hunt. Mainly had redheads come in, with one nice flock of scaup that we dropped 7 drakes ou
  9. You know that saying, "anything good is worth waiting for"? Yeah, that's dump. I hate waiting
  10. Hard pass on the ipa's, but everything else...yes please I finally found a good stout down here just a few weeks ago. I miss MN brews
  11. I hear that. The lack of a hangover that you get from better stuff when you're waking up at 0330 is worth every dime
  12. I thought your "how's your liver" remark was a joke about salt damaging my liver. As far as booze, man, I'm a lightweight these days. I only drink more than a couple beers at special occasions...like hunting trips. Long story short, I'm a cheap date, tomorrow starts my five day trip, and I'm gonna be hurtin the next couple days What's your firewater of choice?
  13. One of these years im gonna talk you into trading a day or two in the woods for a day or two on the salt
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