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  1. how do you prove that your fish house will float? I'm sure the majority of fish houses will float... it's the length of time that becomes an issue. How do you enforce that?
  2. I guess I won't be skinny dipping around any warm water discharges for a while...
  3. Do all new boats come with transom savers? I have yet to experience the joy of buying a brand new boat so I really don't know. They should come with one if they are integral to the integrity of the transom. There are obviously some compelling arguments for them from many people. I'm no expert in physics but I feel like a transom is going to be under a lot more stress pushing a boat across the lake, especially in rough water, than it would be going down the road on a trailer. On the water, you have the weight of the boat, gear and passengers all being transferred to the back of the boat and transom. On the road you only have the weight of the motor hanging there. I'll chalk it up to personal opinion, and maybe someday when I have that new boat I'll feel differently. Until then, no transom saver here. P.S. HSO should have a physicist on staff to set us all straight on this and other topics.
  4. I found chubby's on sale or clearance at the local big box sporting goods store. I just couldn't bring myself to buy more even though they were marked down. I've tried them in all sorts of situations and I have yet to catch a fish on one. For the money they ask for them fish should be flying outta the hole.
  5. SERIOUSLY!!!??? Who does that??? What did he think he was going to see?? I don't think I've ever seen something so stupid.
  6. Thanks for the advice. I'll check with the CO where we hunt and see what he has to say about it.
  7. Any one know, or know where to find, the regs on hunting deer from a canoe? I tried searching the dnr HSOforum to no avail.
  8. Where does a guy have to go to look at a halfway decent selection of revolvers? I've mostly just been into the big sporting goods stores. They will have 30 feet of display cases full of semi autos and maybe a 4 foot section of revolvers. Im starting to lean more towards purchasing online. Any suggestions of gunshops where i can look at and handle a bunch of revolvers?
  9. I've just started researching revolvers for target shooting, hunting and home defense, basically an all aroung gun. I'm leaning towards something in .44 rem mag. The Taurus revolvers are much closer to the price range i was hoping for. I'm usually a firm believer in getting what you pay for. I've noticed the S&W revolvers are quite a bit more expensive ($300-$500 more for same caliber and similar looking gun). Are you just paying for the S&W name or is the quality that much better? I'd be willing to pay more if i knew i was getting a much better gun.
  10. The roof melt pellets wont totally get rid of ice dams. All they are meant to do is melt a channel through the ice dam so that water cannot back up. The pellets are made of calcium chloride. You can buy a 50 lb bag of calcium chloride for about the same price as a 14 lb bucket of the pellets. Fill up a nylon with the stuff from the bag, throw it up on the roof and you have roof melt.
  11. The yardsport 200 is made by American Sportworks specifically for Menards. You can look them up on the web. I believe YS200 is the only one available through Menards. It would be fine for doing yardwork and for someone who would have difficult time getting around outside.
  12. Thanks for the ideas. The gun has had maybe 60 rounds run through it since I bought it new. Which I dont think is a lot. Do I have to bring it in to a Winchester service shop (there is only one in Minnesota)? Anyone have any recommendations for gunsmiths in the north metro? Thanks for the help!
  13. Yeah sorry about that i miss typed. It happened just at the top of the casing where it necks down to accept the bullet. I don't reload my ammo. The were brand new (and expensive) Winchester rounds.
  14. I have a model 70 in 300 WSM. Aftder shooting the gun the last time i noticed that there were cracks in the neck of one of the cartiridge casings. Now I'm no expert but i don't think casings are supposed to crack or split. Since buying the gun i haven't really been happy with the operation of the bolt. It seems somewhat sloppy and doesn't stay locked down well. After walking through any sort of brush I have to push the bolt back down so it is ready to fire. I don't know if these two problems are related but the whole casing splitting open kind of makes me nervous. Anyone have any thoughts on what might be going on or a good gunsmith to bring it to? Do I have to bring it to an authorized Winchester Repair center?
  15. Was out on Bald Eagle for a few hours today. 9 inches of good ice where I set up By the reed island. Nothing doing though.
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