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  1. fishermusk

    Calcutta Trouble

    Thats funny the tech that does these reels at the seminar told me to grease mine. I did and it does not slip
  2. fishermusk

    Calcutta Trouble

    Or maybe the drags needs fresh grease. I am guessing that is the problem, you should try to get to the muskie expo or Thorne bros to learn how to take down and clean your reel.
  3. fishermusk

    Help for a beginner

    I have fished the lake before, early spring before the season is open here. The area by the spillway was always a pretty good spot, and heading north from there. I think there is a point there with rocks. Top water lures always got some action. 8" Jakes usually was good for some fallows as well. I never caught any there but always enjoyed fishing it. If I am not mistaken that is where the state record is from. Good Luck.
  4. fishermusk

    Starter issues ?

    I just went out and started it with the rope. At least I can still go fishing today. Do you think the starter is bad? I hope not the starter is 340.00 dollars or 275.00 for rebuilt with 1 year warranty. Is rebuilt just as good as new?
  5. fishermusk

    Starter issues ?

    I have a 2000 90 horse mercury 3 cylinder that will not turn over. I thought it was the solenoid and I replaced it, the solenoid is making an audible click. It still will not turn over. I tested voltage to the starter once I removed the hot wire (I was told this would be a better way to test the voltage) and had 13 Volts. The starter is quite expensive so I would like to be sure that is the problem before I replace it. Any Ideas
  6. fishermusk

    "Must have" musky lures?

    Suick and vibrax bucktail.
  7. fishermusk

    Tactics to revive a fish

    Did anyone read the article in Musky Hunter about using water softener salt to revive fish that are nearly dead? Use 1/2 to 1 gallon of salt with a full large live-well. It was printed nearly a year ago, In the biology section. I have never tried it, but it was an interesting article.
  8. fishermusk

    What's the Point?!?

    Smellesox, It was discussed earlier this year. Here is the link. http://www.hotspotoutdoors.com/forum/ubb...son#Post2570574
  9. fishermusk

    Favorite colored crank bait?

  10. The truth is we are too greedy, lazy, and careless to do our part unless laws are passed to force it upon us. I don't believe this to be true.
  11. Someone will drown. These laws are stupid. Most people are always in favor of more regulation to solve our problems, why can't we fix most problem with education and peer pressure?
  12. I agree with fishgutz. These new rules are stupid and will not help stop the spread of these invaders. Ducks spread some of these weeds. My boat does not leak and I am opposed to removing the plug. Someone is going to drown because they will forget to replace the plug, who's to blame then?
  13. HSO Forum Member Turkey Contest 2011 Forum Member:__Fishermuskie__________________ Date:__May 7 2011___________ Team Name: ___Bearded Hens______________________________ Youth Hunter(17 or younger):Yes _______ No __X______ Turkey Subspecies: __Eastern___________________ State/Province Bird was Harvested In: __Minnesota__________________ Turkey’s Stats Beard Length __9 7/8”_________inches Spur Length ® __1 1/16”_______inches (L)__1 1/8”_______inches Weight ___21# 7oz________ pounds The certify that the measurements listed above are accurate to the best of my ability. Forum Member: ____Dave Born____________________ Date:_May 7 2011________ _Witness Lynette Born May 7 2011
  14. fishermusk


    The first three days of my 2011 turkey expedition were rather uneventful. I called in a few hens, one had a tom with her but she spooked and went back into the woods and the tom never appeared. I thought I saw a couple other toms heading away from me as I was walking through the woods the first day after noon. Very few toms spotted or heard. By the third day I was committed to getting this one tom that was roosting on private property but would occasionally strut and tend hens on Carlos Avery land adjacent to it. I had a close encounter with him Thursday around noon, but he seen a slight movement I made and he took off back on private property. I was disappointed but I figured I would set things up for today's hunt. So I cleared a few branches by the tree I would be sitting at and figured where to set up a decoy and left for the day. I arrived this mourning at 5:25 am and as I was walking in I heard him gobble but he was on Carlos Avery property. I had figured he would be on the private property like the previous three days. This was not good I thought, he was suppose to be over there not here, now what? Well I decided to go sit at the tree I had cleared the day before and hope for the best. As I was making my way over there I spotted a hen in a tree along the same patch of woods he was in. That tom gobbled for an hour and I would call to him sporadically. I was thinking I blew it, the dad gum thing was strutting in a green field I had walked buy as I came in. About 6:50 am I heard a hen put about 5 times and then yelp a few times so I tried to copy her sounds and see if she would come in and bring that tom with, a few more minutes go by and I let out with another series of calls the tom wasn't answering so I settled in and figured it would be a long wait. About five minutes later he appeared about 12 yards away, it took me by surprise I hadn't heard him at all. We both seen each other at the same time, I didn't move and he finally started towards my decoy getting even closer to me with each step, as he moved I eased up the my shotgun that was resting on shooting sticks, he seen that slight movement and turned around to split but it was to late I had a good rest and a good bead on him, one shot and I dropped him in his tracks at fifteen yards. I was very happy to get a bird this year, from all the reports I have seeing it has been a tough one. This tom is 21# 7 oz with a 9 7/8' beard.
  15. fishermusk


    My first glance at that deer, I thought it was an antelope. I finally got my tom today. I'll post a photo and tell the story in a few minutes.