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  1. RiverBassGuy

    Fun weeknight tournaments?

    I'm game.....Eric can I fish out of your boat? LOL
  2. RiverBassGuy

    Want to talk about fun...

    I feed them about a dozen times a year when the regulars aren't around to do it, and it's really cool. The bass will follow you from one end of the tank to the other just waiting for you to drop in the food! I can't help but wish it was like that when I'm out in the boat. Can you imagine just dropping the trolling motor and seeing a school of bass just staring at you?? LOL
  3. RiverBassGuy

    Change of pace.

    Ahhh another failure of a season! I can't wait......Purple Pride
  4. RiverBassGuy

    color lense and why

    blue/green mirrors on bright days much like cecil. Amber is ideal for partial cloud cover. I normally wear the ambers
  5. RiverBassGuy


  6. RiverBassGuy


    This is exactly how my GF feels too. However: "If I saw myself in clothes like that I'd have to kick my own A**"
  7. RiverBassGuy

    Understanding Bass.............

    Awesome thread! Nice posts guys, it was great to read.
  8. RiverBassGuy

    Sportsman's closeout sale

    I was at the Coon rapids store and I think the Rapala isle was cleaned out after the first week of 10% off. I didn't realize people were that desperate. What's ironic is Cabela's was having their 25% off Rapala sale at the time...
  9. RiverBassGuy

    10.3# LM caught in Pool 4!

    I'm so gullible.....
  10. RiverBassGuy

    Hating Winter in BEmidji....

    LOL It will be a smooth transition from winter to fall. Let's just skip spring and summer all together
  11. RiverBassGuy

    Hating Winter in BEmidji....

    Duluth isn't looking too great either. Lots of blizzard winds and a fair amount of snow.
  12. RiverBassGuy

    Line Choice for Wacky Fishing

    10# suffix in most cases and 20# power pro around structure.
  13. RiverBassGuy

    6 in spring

    LOL @ Sledneck...This gets more confusing by the minute!
  14. RiverBassGuy

    Swim Jigs

    Any thoughts on using that "crazy legs chigger craw" for swim jigs too? I'm curious what you guys think.
  15. RiverBassGuy

    open water

    The Duluth area is getting heavy rains right now, but I think the ice will hold out for quite a couple more weeks