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  1. They contract it in the wild. I found a little more info. It's actually a protozoan called Toxoplasma gondii.
  2. I was actually reading recently that there is a parasitic species of bacteria (I may be wrong on it being bacterial, but it was a microorganism of some type) that completes it's life cycle in cats. When mice contract it, they lose their fear of cats and refuse to flee. It has been recently linked to schizophrenia in humans.
  3. The daisy is wonderful Dan!
  4. Nice find on the grizzlies Ken! I sure love it out there. Have fun taking pics out there! Are you heading to the Tetons?
  5. Your building yourself a wonderful bird collection Shawn!
  6. Shawn, All nice shots! I have to agree with Steve. Had you not cloned out those background branches, it's still a wonderful shot. The second one is marginally more pleasing, but only if you take a few real hard looks. The first shot is a keeper just the way you shot it!
  7. Very fun shots Jim! You don't often get a chance to witness those kinds of things (at least I don't).
  8. Paul, Depending upon where you live, these little guys have massive increases in numbers once about every 7 years. They pretty much strip the trees clean in certain areas. Not much of anything eats them, with the exception of the black-billed cuckoo (if I remember correctly). They get pretty bad in the Duluth area during outbreak years.
  9. I think the effect work quite nicely on this shot Paul!
  10. That is a fantastic shot Hwood! You picked a great setting for the shot. There's a great sense of depth and all the greens come together perfectly.
  11. LaCrosse certainly is a nice area. Great rainbow shot!
  12. Nice find! It will be fun to see how he looks in early fall.
  13. That bug is pretty hard core! Can't say I've seen too many bugs that try to fight back when threatened...but I haven't seen many that big either.
  14. Thanks for all of the kind comments. It was nice to be out with a camera in hand again...it's been awhile.
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