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  1. Any local reports from the area. Water temps, whats got them going, depth?
  2. If your coming from St Cloud you may want to stop at Corky's gas & bait in rockville. Picked up a dozen suckers to cut up and got 18-24 granted they are small. Also picked up fatheads and got 2 scoops for the price of 1. I also got 2 dozen crawlers.
  3. I'll be there. Do I need to bring my auger? Or will there be enough holes drilled already.
  4. Cool I want to go give them a try. That would be fun.
  5. Sorry guys no report. I didn't get out last night.
  6. <--- at yahoo . com Make sure you use all lower case letters and no spaces
  7. Friendly where did you find them in October. I think i'm gonna start by the islands and work the east shore. Maybe try the west shore as well. ??? Don't know yet.
  8. Anyone been out or planing on getting out for the event? I'm hoping to get out Thurs. night on Koronis. Gonna see if I can get something going for a change out there.
  9. I like Rapala's christmas commercial. The bass driven the TA staopping at the lakeshore and jumping in.
  10. Mn Walleye 1976

    Ice bass?

    Caught a few with my dad when I was younger, on long lake near Hawick. Just put down a set line with a fathead under a bobber. Watch the line though, cause they would pick up th minnow and swim to the bottom of the ice. Caught 15-20 that winter.
  11. How did your season go? Our group went 2 for 7. We hunt in zone 2 area 246, where we can shoot up to 5 each. But opted to end our hunt last night, after hearing the weather reports of rain and wind this weekend. We did not see that many deer at all. I hunted for a week straight and only seen 2 deer. Total deer seen by the group was only 5. How can we control the deer numbers if we can't see them. Plus the rut was nowhere near the peak in our area.
  12. Why not make the season longer for the area's that can take 5 deer so they can get the numbers taken out that they want.
  13. I've never really gotten into the fall fishing a whole lot but was just wondering what everyone else likes. What are your favorite fall time crank baits? What size? What color? All I've ever used was rapala's shad raps in the 7-9 size range. In the black & silver pattern.
  14. Yeah it was a fun weekend. We didn't make it to the reef friday night, like I had planned. Had a friend that got up before us call, they had limited out, so we headed to a different location. We were out in front of Eddy's running 6-8 fow. It sounded like we missed out on the big run but caught fish throughout the night. We were using it all as far as colors and sizes. All fish were 15-24, with the 24 going back. I also had a big northern on that was well over 12 lbs, she came off at the boat. Saturday afternoon/early evening was on Leech caught a few there as well. Fish were in 4-6 fow. When you turned on a light to check your crankbait you see the fish in the water, that was cool. Then Saturday late we hit North Long catching a few in 3-5 fow.
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