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  1. BigWadeS

    2-up ATV - rear storage ideas?

    I have a 2008 Sportsman touring – just wondering what ideas others have for storage. Most I have seen and used in the past work only with a regular machine and not with the 2-up seats. Any ideas or maybe I’m not looking in the right spots for them
  2. BigWadeS

    Snagged a big metro yote!!

    that is a big yote
  3. BigWadeS

    NOISEY vexilar problems

    The noise of friends vex's was the reason I went with a Marcum and considered a H-bird
  4. BigWadeS

    LOTS of Big Buck Pics Here

    awesome pic and that tine length is unreal...as far as bucks in MN they are out there, there is no way anyone can say a whole start or good portion is go and grow....I would expect we will see more and more monsters in MN during muzzelloader season with the cooler temps and more crops off
  5. on your own I would vote for the Casino or Woodland Resort
  6. they do appear to look like a nice flasher and seem to have a nice display but I will have a hard time adding one to my arsenal until there are a couple more seasons behind them and more tweaks made, hard to beat the Marcum LX-5 or Vexilar FL-18 especially with sale prices going on right now
  7. lots of decent options are you looking at doing this yourself or getting a guide? I know Dosch's guide service does hands down work!
  8. BigWadeS

    St. Paul Ice Fishing Show - Any deals???

    shows like that they will not advertise their lowest prices...you need to ask which for many people they don't or won't do...but that's how you get your deals and work one retailer against the other to beat or match prices...I can't wait to get a new Ice Fishing Bikini Babe Calender!
  9. BigWadeS

    test your tracking knowledge

    Great read and tell your son to keep his head up. I have been deer hunting for 21 years and this year it was ending shooting time and I shot a doe, broadside, she face planted I got down and she got up and stumbled to the woods, looked for an hour in the dark and went back the next day. I looked for another 4-5 hours and finally found the doe or what was left by the wolves, it was a crule reminder that you don't always get every animal....
  10. BigWadeS

    jason mitchell vs. thorne bros for panfish?

    I would go for TB robs especially for the made in the USA!
  11. BigWadeS

    What to do.............?

    I would say/do nothing and let it go, it's possible that the deer are traveling that far as well, they can cover some serious ground.
  12. BigWadeS

    Go Hunt, The Rut is on!

    care to share what are you were in last weekend?
  13. BigWadeS

    Rut in Detroit Lakes area

    should start changing anyday now though
  14. BigWadeS


    I am not a fan of the strip and prefer downtown for the proximity of other casinos and also for the atmosphere. I really am a fan of the Golden Nugget and with their latest addition and renovations it is a top notch place!