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  1. If anything I beg them to keep it there all year, and just stop over to grab it.
  2. Wife is currently sanding and painting multiple items in garage so moving boat around wont work right now, trust me that is what I'd like to do. We're heading out to look at a 1777 aggressor today... Will check all measurements. Can't really alter garage as it is a townhouse rental :-(. We'd store it at my folks house in winter to park in garage then. We'll see. I'm thinking the aggressor at 17'10" will be pushing it but possible. No way I'm getting a boat I don't want because of a garage that wont fit it...
  3. Willing to rearrange garage, wife has given permission to turn a boat diagonal to fit. Garage goes 19' × 17.5'. I know, tiny! I fit my 14 foot alumacraft with 15 hp, no swing tongue obviously straight in with a foot to spare. Realistically, what could I fit diagonally in here?
  4. Hey guys, recently bought a new 2013 Tundra. Have never been a truck guy and am not overly handy, but needless to say I'm now hooked on upgrading my baby. Just installed my tonneau cover, and will eventually be getting spray in liner and nerf bars. Also have read great reviews about k&n's 63 series intake kit. I only got the 4.6l v8, so any chance to get a little more hp and a ballsier sound is intriguing to me, especially if there's a chance to slightly increase mpg. Anyone have any thoughts either way on k&n? Looking at HSOforum listing around $250. Sorry to ramble. Thanks
  5. Owners manual says Max tow weight is 2800 lbs with trailer brakes. Add 1000 lbs with boat. Is this due to aerodynamics of a boat and trailer as opposed to other trailers? I don't want to put any strain on my whip. What weight should I realistically be towing and what type of boat could that be? Have been looking at 17-18 ft fish/skis. Lund/crestliner/warrior/alumacraft type with minimum 90hp motor. Is this viable? Thanks,
  6. just had a carb kit installed on my mag 2000 at d rock center a few weeks ago. runs great. took a week and a half, but there was on ice yet anyways.
  7. Got out today around 3 on a small area lake that generally produces smaller sunfish in decent numbers at early ice. As you can see by the marcum in the picture the sunnies were lighting up the water column for the majority of the hour and a half I was out. For the first 30-45 minutes you couldnt get the jig to the bottom without a bite. Most fish were in the 6-7 inch range. Here is the first of the year The rest were all pretty close in size. Tied on a yellow ratso and fished with waxies, larvae and plain. All worked but some better than others at times. Biggest fish seemed to bite without any meat using a slow rise tactic. All in all about 20-30 fish in 1.5 hours.
  8. Nope, what I hear is they havent gotten it right for either. This weekend has felt pretty good for me so far. Wish I could have put more time in since I've been raising that k/d ratio up steadily. Maybe at one point I can get myself back to that 1.0 mark...
  9. The lead developed tweeted it was minor stuff - nothing gameplay related.
  10. My black hat will be Rollin when those newbs place their bouncing betties!
  11. If Harden gets healthy he COULD be nasty. I also wouldnt mind seeing him in the bullpen if that helps keep his shoulder intact.
  12. I would hate to see Gasol in MN, especially at the expense of Pek. I love Nikolai! I'd do Williams for Reddick. I heard rumors about Ben Gordon but dont know if that is feasible. It does get me going though.
  13. Let me just say that PA is my least favorite personality. I cant stand his show and I cant listen to Vikes on the radio. Puffy was decent back in the day and it's not his knowledge that I dislike. He just has to slow down, not try as hard and has been mentioned not dominate the conversation.
  14. Tell me you're joking. I think he's a nice guy but he sounds like he's still on the crack. You can barely understand his incoherentness at times. He needs to slow down. Plus he is trying WAY too hard to be funny when the things he says just aren't funny.
  15. Malcolm Lee also out for season. Apparently Michael Redd is an option they're looking at. We need Ricky back so we can bundle a JJ/Luke combo with D-Will or something. We NEED a perimeter player who can create his own shot and shoot the 3!
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