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  1. Thank you Karl really appreciate your knowledge .Saturday is coming soon . Woo Hoo
  2. Thanks for the info Kkahmann . We will likely spend some time in the Shakespear area and likely a trip up to Humboldt. Depending on the water flow have not ruled out a trip up to Jackfish . In your opinion do I bring the boards or riggers or both . I felt the water was really low last year but I'm definately not a local . We tried to get into a lake off of Nipigon last year and it was impossible due to low water . In fact have never seen it that low at the entry /mouth in the past many years .Thanks again.
  3. Just curious if anyone has any current info on Nipigon as we are a week away from going up? how are the water temps ? Are water levels up from last year ? Are the lake trout biting ? Any and all info would be appreciated . Thank you.
  4. Big Walleye 58

    Lake Nipigon

  5. Big Walleye 58

    Lake Nipigon

    Hello Terminal , anxiously waiting for your response. Thanks
  6. Big Walleye 58

    Lake Nipigon

    Thanks KMANN any info is greatly appreciated . Went in last July but was nothing spectacular , got a few but nothing over 10 -12 lbs . Hope tp have time to try again this July
  7. Big Walleye 58

    Lake Nipigon

    Hello Terminal Tackle !! meawk at aol.com
  8. Big Walleye 58

    Lake Nipigon

    Good luck , let us know how you do .
  9. Big Walleye 58

    Lake Nipigon

    Hey terminal, [email protected] thank you
  10. Big Walleye 58

    Lake Nipigon

    Really just looking for big northerns . Rumor has it as that is the place to find them . Typically we fish lake trout when we are there in the beginning of July north of Shakespear. just figured it was so close we may scope it out . Do you believe the fish migrate out of there as the water warms? Anything you can tell me would be great and appreciated . Maybe better if we e-mailed away from the forum?
  11. Big Walleye 58

    Lake Nipigon

    Someone has to have been there ??
  12. Big Walleye 58

    1992 Polaris trail deluxe

    I'll just hold on to it untill next year . I don't need to sell it just could use some room . It'll sell next year no problem I think as it is in real good condition with rear rack , cover ,skins etc. Thanks for the comments
  13. Big Walleye 58

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  14. Big Walleye 58

    Lake Nipigon

    Anyone else have any input ?
  15. Nice hair there Magnum or is that a hat ??? Ha !